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The country on a can; Coca Cola Egypt latest campaign

Coca Cola go crazy for good again with its brand new campaign launched today. A bold move from the soda giant, as its battle with Pepsi over dominance and popularity continues.

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Removing the name from its can or bottle would not be a recommended move to any other beverage company, but Coca Cola is not just any soda brand.

Starting with beautiful spots of Egypt, Coca Cola’s video starts off like a tourism ad but grows to become something bigger. Its narration and musical orchestra background brings the feeling of pride as the narrator explains that it will get rid of its most valuable asset from its bottle, Coca Cola brand name.

Sharing the personalized Coke, again!

The campaign (Share a Coke) was a continuous success, with people searching for their names on bottles and engaging with the brand online when they found them. The campaign had over 1000 unique names, and gained a strong following on social media. The campaign has been launched in over 70 countries, and has won seven awards at the 2012 Cannes Lions festival.

As one of the biggest international soft-drinks brands in the world, and one of the oldest, Coca Cola’s marketing team may feel confident enough to replace its logo with an Egyptian city name while keeping its signature in red color and white text for consumers to recognize the brand.

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Coca Cola continues to hold one of the most unique and well-known logos in the world, and this isn’t the first time it has decided to share its red label with something other than its name.

For two summers in a row, 2013-2014, the company’s “Share a Coke” campaign saw the brand’s name sharing the stage with personalized names. The bottles appeared in Egypt as well, with a TV spot during Ramadan marketing campaign called (a7la ma3.)

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In 2014, it released a “No Labels” campaign in the UAE where its famous logo was completely removed as an effort to get rid of prejudice and stereotyping.

With this new campaign, Coca cola may be looking forward to the same success as with their “Share a Coke” campaign. Although this time, it seems that it is looking to catch on Egyptian’s natural patriotism and love for their homeland.

Great timing, or strategic marketing?

At a time in which the majority of its country’s citizens wish to leave the country due to economic problems, Coca Cola may be trying to influence the younger generations not just to stay but also to be proud.

The video contains beautiful scenes from allover Egypt, from its historical locations to its sandy white beaches, the ad also maintains that Egypt is the best place to be.

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It seems to reach out to the hearts of Egyptians to remind them that their homeland has much to offer, and continues to do so. It may be the push some young people need to continue or build a loving relationship with a country many are starting to despise.

This is not the first time Coca Cola has tried to focus on specific local advertising, and it may not be the last. Coca Cola’s marketing team works around the world to introduce specialized mini-campaigns according the country’s values and needs.

At the end of the day, Coca Cola has most likely started another successful campaign. How do you feel about the brand’s new look?

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