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Coca Cola campaign changing people’s mentality to be more Egyptian

Football reflects what the nation was and is, The Egyptian national football team, nicknamed “The Pharaohs” is the most successful national team in Africa, having won the Africa Cup of Nations on a record seven occasions: the inaugural edition in 1957 and on home soil in 1959, as well as the 1986 edition, Burkina Faso in 1998, 2006, Ghana in 2008 and Angola in 2010 edition.

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Egypt has also been as high as ninth in the FIFA World Rankings, making the team one of only three African national teams to enter the world’s top ten.

Egypt to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

The Egypt national team was the first African and Middle Eastern team to qualify for the World Cup and despite their continental record, Egypt has so far made only two appearances in the World Cup (in 1934 and 1990).

Egypt may have won the CAF Africa Cup of Nations more often than any other team, seven times, but when it comes to appearances a the FIFA World Cup™, they are lagging behind their main African rivals.

Coca Cola Egypt came into an idea to create an inspiring and motivational advert to spread the love for the Egyptian National team jersey in a perfect time while the Egyptian team got high potential to make history again after winning Ghana in Borg El-Arab Stadium in Alexandria in the presence of 80,000 Egyptian fans.

How Coca Cola campaign aims to change the mentality of people:

In football-crazy Egypt, the national team has long cemented a sense of national unity, bringing together even the fiercest of rivals fans of Cairo’s top football clubs Al-Ahly and Zamalek under one flag.

Egyptians are crazy about football and Egyptians used to celebrate every Pharaohs victory. However, Egyptians passion to football expands the local limits and go for international football clubs.

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Its very normal to see Egyptians in Cairo street wearing Barcelona or, Real Madrid jerseys. Also foreign national teams jerseys like Brazil, Germany and Argentina is very popular among Egyptian youth.

When you see your favorite football team T-shirt, what immediately comes to your mind? What feelings does the T-shirt invoke? How do you respond to it?

Coca Cola launched the latest campaign in strong branding ownership to play on fans loyalty which is strengthened during national events. As the Egyptian team is getting closer to Russia 2018, The campaign is considered as call to action for all Egyptian to show an act of loyalty to the national team jersey decorated with the Arabic name of Egypt”مصر “.

The Pharaohs players knows that to qualify for the World Cup would be a moment of joy that would reunite all Egyptians.

The Egyptians, who have only qualified for one World Cup in the last 80 years, are confident of victory, The Egyptian people really want to qualify again and its our time to proudly cheer in the national team jersey and only the Egyptian team jersey.

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