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Pepsi and Coke become “Frenemies” to support The Egyptian National Team

Egyptians are very passionate towards their favorite football team, the one they support and sacredly watch every match and follow all the club’s news and updates.

We tend to get very protective and hotheaded toward our teams, lots of Egyptian homes have father and son, wife and husband who supports a rivalry teams, which makes games day much more interesting.

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However, Egyptians literally feels united under one flag once the Egyptian national anthem plays and all colors halts to support the Pharaohs. Egyptians support all the players alike, with even more fever than local teams, as they are playing for a much higher purpose and with much more at stake.

Pepsi “The official sponsor of the Egyptian Football team” has taken the initiative and decided to put all rivalry aside for the higher purpose of supporting the Egyptian National Football Team in the African Cup of Nations, 2017.

Pepsi’s Dramatic Creativity:

In a dramatic advert, Pepsi showcase the challenges that awaits our national team and the great responsibility that befalls who wears the national team’s jersey because it helped them achieve the impossible. Stressing that the Egyptian’s National Football Team wins fueled with the support of the 90 Million Egyptian cheering them on.

In a dramatic setting, the football star “Mohamed Salah” appears looking at the Egyptian national Team jersey with a deep sigh bracing himself mentally for the challenges ahead as well as, “Mohamed El Neny” pulling his own jersey on and Ramadan Sobhy is shedding his jacket to face the responsibilities awaits him in the upcoming African Cup of Nations.

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The crescendo takes us to the football sensational Essam El Hadary at his most precious place by the goal of fire, in a football court of flames. Amazing metaphor of the challenges of the African Cup of Nations which is capable of preparing them for the World Cup in Russia next year.

Once the Egyptian team get out of the flame court they will rise to the challenge further down their path alongside 90 Million fans supporting them.

This dramatic approach emphasizing all that is true about our national football team in Pepsi’s new advert is definitely raising up the game for everyone else. In just 1 hour achieving exceptional impressions of 2.7K likes and 581 shares.

The Egyptian National Football Team Legacy

Egypt, record holders with seven titles, are returning to the next January’s African Cup of Nations taking place in Gabon- for the first time since 2010.

Egypt is the most successful nation in the black continent history, winning the tournament a record of seven times and moreover, the Egyptian team didn’t face any losses since the 24th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations which was hosted by Tunisia in 2004.

Egypt tops Africa Cup of Nations records and stats:

– Most winning team: 54 by Egypt.
– Highest attendance during a game: 120,000 spectators in Cairo stadium to watch Egypt vs. Cameroon in 1986.
– Most goals scored: 154 by Egypt
– Fastest goal: Ayman Mansour, after 23 seconds against Mozambique in 1994.
– Oldest Scorer in African Cup History: Hossam Hassan (Egypt), 39 years.
– Most titles won by a players: 4 titles for Ahmed Hassan and Essam El-Hadary.
– Most Titles won by a coach: 3 by Hassan Shehata in 2006, 2008 and 2010.
– Title Winner as player and coach: Mahmoud El-Gohary of Egypt in 1959 and 1998.

Since 29 January 2004, Egypt haven’t lost any game in Africa Cup of Nations. The real challenge for the current generation of Egyptian players is to keep a very special record of the longest unbeaten run with 19 matches for Egypt since their 2-1 defeat against Algeria in 2004.

Coopetition, Frenemies: Pepsi turn Red

In what may possibly be the biggest rival of all time between two brands, The Coca-Cola and Pepsi have battled in the famous “Soda Wars” for decades.

The never-ending battle between the two dominant brands since 1980s involved allot of advertising and marketing campaigns but today Pepsi took the initial risk and going “red” by dressing their cans in the Egyptian national team’s jersey aiming to put the competition aside for this month.

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Each successful brand needs to have unique vales which sets them apart from the competition. May be its Pepsi Egypt move to compete by avoiding the competition for one month and launch an emotional campaign that makes the brand look more noble, humble and proactive rather than just responding to Coke campaigns.

Coopetition or cooperative competition: We should focus on what matters the most, both brands are benefiting the economy and we think its good to see how a brand can compete and yet show respect for market competitors.

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Using red color by Pepsi might sounds risky but according to color psychology, brands tend to increase sales by using warm colors in campaigns. Using the red color in advertising platforms is more effective to influence buying behaviors.

When you’re exposed to warm colors (e.g., red, orange), you experience an immediate biological reaction. Your adrenaline starts flowing. Your blood pressure rises. You experience a greater sense of stimulation.

On global level, Pepsi and Coca Cola have been competing for many years in this famous battle of the brands. Pepsi has launched several interesting advertisements that puts down Coca Cola indirectly!

Pepsi advertisement is very humorous and also takes a poke at the Coca-Cola and usually the first thing to catch your eye would be seeing both Pepsi and Coca-Cola names in on image!

April Fool Poster: We Love Coca-Cola by PEPSI
April Fool Poster: We Love Coca-Cola by PEPSI

You might like or criticize Pepsi advert, but it remains a bold relevant campaign with powerful communication message that would be a call to action for more brands to unite even for one month under one flag and one color for an elite national goal.

Chapeau Pepsi for this extraordinary concept!

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