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Who won the social media battle: Amr Diab or, Sherine Abdel Wahab?

No one is perfect and you can’t expect to please everyone all the time. Brand attacks is not unheard of when you manage a big, successful brand. Every successful brand knows that it’s constantly under vulnerability. Any mishap will gain unprecedented attention.

As we witnessed before how Tamer Hosny’s old photo was the talk of the day, we mentioned that bad publicity is determined by how you will react to it.

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With the instant “share” button and human’s tendency to exaggerate incidents and blow it out of proportion. Social Media platforms have been raving over Sherine Abd el-Wahab’s leaked video dissing “Amr Diab” at Kinda Alloush and Amr Youssef’s private wedding.

The Illusion of Privacy in Social Media age:

The world we are living in now, privacy has become a state of mind as we believe that there is no such thing called privacy in the age of social media and smart phones. We know there are bad people out there who will attempt to hack their way into our personal data. But, that’s only a small part of the story.

Whether you like it or not if it is on someone’s phone and then on the internet, it is bound to be known!

The Egyptian rising singer, Sherine Abd El-Wahab was invited to her friends’ private wedding party and she got on the stage and indirectly dissed Amr Diab’s old age. Unfortunately for her, someone was recording it and it went viral.

Of course it didn’t stop at that, “El-Hadaba” fans won’t let it just peacefully fade out, they started a hashtag spreading that Sherine was drunk #شرين_سكرانه  along with the video and pictures of Amr Diab’s many music awards.

Own up and apologize:

Sherine posted an official apology after her video went viral, to all those she has wronged at the wedding party saying that she was only joking and did not filter her “joking” appropriately as she was in a private event.

She did what any brand would do, she owned up to what she said and apologized. You might find her apology lacking, or you would let it pass.

But she did not leave it just like that, yesterday in Amr Adeeb’s talk-show, Sherine contacted him and in the light of her actions going viral she decided to donate for various good-causes, in hopes of her good deeds overshadow her inappropriate criticizing her fellow superstars.

Amr Diab respond with ZERO words!

When your brand is being trolled or dissed, the most important thing is to think of the best possible way of replying while maintaining your brand’s image and standards.

Don’t act hastily and do something your brand won’t normally do just to make a point. This is exactly what “El-Hadaba” Amr Diab did. He did not say a single word but his message is heard loud and clear.

Without any words, Amr Diab made such an elite come back to solidify his prestigious brand image and his youthful physic and spirit by posting on his Instagram account a video while in the gym, in a tough workout exercise with battle ropes.

In 5hrs, Amr Diab video at the gym gained 2M views, 36,868 shares and more than 68K likes on Facebook while the same video made 252,440 views and 5,189 comments on Instagram.

Sending a clear message to Sherine Abd el-Wahab’s wrong perspective of his old age, he showed her and the world that his fitness stamina and physic is much better than even 20 year old.

If you think that El-Hadaba’s fan base can’t possibly get any bigger, think again. After Sherine’s attack his Instagram followers skyrocketed in just couple of days. Amr Diab’s fame and successful career is achieved and consistent due to his resilience and crystal clear brand image.

Amr Diab Fan growth on Facebook via Socialbakers Analytics
Amr Diab Fan growth on Facebook via Socialbakers Analytics

The attack on Amr Diab gained him 134,482 fans over one night (as seen in the screen capture), everyone worldwide knows who Amr Diab is and his legendary career is nowhere near over, last year he entered the Guinness World Record as the first Arab singer to win a large number of Global awards in the Middle East region.

Mohamed Henidy Join the trend!

On a separate note, the Egyptian comedy actor Mohamed Henidy decided to demonstrate his comedic talent via trendjacking tweet…


We have no recipe to avoid brand attack and we have no suggestions for users looking to hold onto to the last threats of their privacy. The only life advice you need is: It Is Not What Happens To You It Is How You Respond To It!

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