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What Marketers Can Learn From Tamer Hosny’s Response On His Old Pic?

Most of marketers are under assumption that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Well, we are only half right, because there is definitely bad publicity however how you handle it is what transform it from negative to positive publicity.

In the past couple of days we found Tamer Hosney’s and Asala’s the Syrian musical artist old photos while she was pregnant during her first marriage. The viral images spread on Facebook and the vultures just attacked, and this could happen to any brand or celebrity.

Asala and tamer old images

The bad publicity does not have to generate from a brand or celebrity’s direct action. As some people sitting in their rooms with a laptop they can easily spread negative publicity.

Yesterday, Tamer Hosny decided to change the perspective of people on how they perceived his childhood, we will break down his approach in handling negative publicity.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Don’t Just Make Lemonade!

When life gives you lemon or throws you a curveball in this case, do not just make a lemonade or lie down and wait the curveball out. Instead, plant the lemon seed and make an orchard, strike the curveball right out of the field so fast that their head spins.

Do not stay silent about it, as it will only keep spreading more until something else take people’s focus from you. They will turn to something else, but what they last remember about you will be negative. And this is what is happening with Asala’s post. She is silent about it.

So what you have got to do is, formulate how best to address it. This is exactly what Tamer Hosny did, after having only his photo circulating and on the spotlight for a lot of sarcasm.

He wrote a comment yesterday for those who are concerned by the matter; and in less than two hours, the hereunder photo was rapidly spreading instead..

Which is a great example of how he transformed the negative (or what people previewed as a work of a miracle) to tangible transformation on how he was before to what he is now.

And he gave all the credit to that young man for all the success and fame he is in now. Planting the seed to grow your brand’s orchard consists of two parts;

1-Perspective is everything:

The lesson here for brands; it is all about perspective, you have the power to shift people’s perspective and show them your human side and make them relate to you, walk them through what you have been through and share your  success story.

The circumstances of our lives may matter less than how we see them, makes a compelling case for how reframing is the key to success and happiness in our lives.

And this is the second part in planting your orchard.

2- The Effect of Emotional Approach in Publicity:

Always remember that your customers or fans are humans, so from time to time, its better to step out of your high throne as a brand and show them that you are a humble brand.

Emotional advertisement can’t go wrong, when admitting a vulnerability and educating your fans and followers on how you overcame it and came out winning, they hold you to a higher standard.

Persuasion marketing, applying psychology to the marketing message is what Tamer Hosny did by expressing how he grew up with nothing, and no one to help him achieve his dreams. He only had a far-fetched at the time dream, but he did not get disappointed or gave up on his dreams because of circumstances that was forced on him, he worked hard and long to make it a reality. And he did.

So he made his fans know how he became the famous, world-wide singer he is now. He did not merely wake up one day and found himself successful, he worked many jobs and persisted to achieve his dreams.

This takes us to another scope; the 2 Pillars of success inspired by Tamer Hosny:

1.Cultivate your mindset:

You don’t just dream of a successful life and get it while doing nothing to deserve it. You have first to believe that you can. Because you can. You are the only one with the power to visualize and plan how you want your life to be.

Change your mindset from a pessimist one to an optimistic one. As you are starting something big it is much easier to see the hardship and all the bad scenarios that can happen and just quite! But where will you go from there? No where, right? You will blame circumstances or any outside forces that steered your life. However, adapting your mindset to a more positive one, it will make you instantly see all hardship as just a stepping stone, as a challenge to overcome to achieve your dream.

You can transform any hardship in your way, if you believe and work towards your goal. Work hard for your dreams and the day will come when you don’t have to justify your value to anyone.

As long as you love what you do and passionate about it, you will put in the effort and long hours because it is hard, for every entrepreneur out there, and for every child with a dream.

Believe. Persist. Work. Persevere.

2- Self-Improvement:

Continues self-improvement is a must. You must know that you can never stop working on improving yourself, as long as you are breathing, there is always something more to learn, to perfect. You have to expand vertically first then horizontally. Expand your knowledge and excel in your field of expertise.

As Tamer Hosny’s part of the post, is that he was with little to no resources but tried his best to imitate celebrities and actors at the time that picture was taken, since he had no money to get the expensive clothes or a father to help guide him in any way. And that he wishes for anyone who was making fun of that young man in the picture to be as successful as he is, since he is very proud of the huge strides this young man has taken to reach where he is now.

So there is a long way to go from forming the idea, to how you plan, strategize, practice and work to make it happen. And when it does happen and you are where you want to be, don’t stop there. As there are new heights to shoot for.

People’s reactions to Tamer Hosny’s post:

Guess what? Tamer Hosny just got his most engaging post on his Facebook page of all time. People and fans alike are sharing and liking his post at an amazing rate, since this post has been published it has 330K Reactions and 26K shares, 37K comments. It spread like wildfire. No stopping it now.

The most surprising and is a result of using emotional tactic in his strategy is that people who does not like his style of music or are not fans of him as a person, shared the post and many of them stated that he might not be their favorite singer however they respected him a lot after reading it. And related to him on an emotional level after only seeing him as an idol or a mere celebrity image, they now relate with him on a human level.


And some even got motivated, that if the young man they saw in the picture can be this world-wide sensation then they can as well.

We as Egyptians tend to find humor in unfamiliar places, in anything and everything for that matter, but what get to us more than anything is human’s struggle and emotional turmoil or victories, successful stories.

Hope. We tend to spread hope and success stories more than problems. We laugh in the face of difficulty because we know deep down that we will overcome anything as long as there are people who pursue their dreams with an unwavering passion.

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