Planning Your Next OOH Campaign? Here’s How to Create an Impactful Outdoor Campaign

There’s no denying that digital advertising became an essential part of any brand that wants to promote itself. It is a part of every brand journey of growth. But today we’re not going to talk about digital advertising, we will talk about another type of advertising that everyone counted on and still do before digital advertising emerged.

OOH advertising or Out of Home advertising. We are all familiar with this type of advertisement as we see it everywhere. Those billboards you see everywhere promoting a certain product is an OOH campaign, and it’s as important as the digital campaigns and maybe even more.

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Some of these OOH campaigns fail to attract consumers while others succeed. So, we will tell you what to do when you’re planning an OOH campaign.


1- What’s Your Campaign’s Goal?

Your campaign should have other goals than just promoting your brand or product. What is this goal?

Why are you creating this campaign? And What exactly do you want people to know? For example, are you promoting your new E-shopping website? Because then, your main focus is creating an OOH campaign that serves your website. Another example, if you’re promoting a discount offer, then your billboard should announce it.

Set your goal! This will be the start line to create the campaign.


2- Study Your Competitors

Learning from your competitors and checking what they do is essential in all types of advertising.

Consider your field is a huge playground and you’re up against all the players. Before competing, you have to study your competitors, the things they’re good at, their weaknesses, their mistakes, and their strengths.

Check OOH campaigns by your competitors and study every detail from the designs to the text. Ask yourself “what are the things they missed that could have made the campaign better?” And what they should’ve avoided.


3- Who Is Your Audience?

Your recipients are important as this whole campaign is for them.

First of all, you have to know which segment of your audience the campaign will target. After determining your target audience, it’s time to get to know them.

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Get to know your audience and their behavior. You can extract reports from your social media accounts to get an idea about who your audience is. Knowing this will put you in the right direction when it comes to thinking about a creative idea for the campaign.

For example, if they are young, then your idea must be modern but if they are old, then you have to create something they can relate to.


4- Make It Viral

For your campaign to succeed, it has to grab people’s attention and gain their admiration.

Create an OOH campaign that makes everyone share it and talk about it. This can happen when your campaign is creative. Your billboard will be seen by thousands of people, so make sure that its creativity grabs the attention.


5- Choose Your Location

Location is EVERYTHING!

Choosing the right location will help you reach people.  You have to pick a place that is accessible for people and easy to spot. For example, you can choose billboards on highways or roads, or you can go for billboards in malls.

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Also, you’re not just going for one billboard, it’s more than one so you will have to pick more than just one location. You won’t put your billboards all in one location.


6- Set Your Budget

The more creative you get, the more budget you’ll need.

This is why you have to set a certain budget for the campaign to succeed. If you’re planning the campaign for your own brand then you have to calculate every move; but if you’re dealing with a client, then determine your budget and then discuss it with them.


7- Attract Other Consumers

The OOH campaign is not just revolving around your target audience. Remember, you’re being seen by everyone; this is why you have to create something understandable and not cliché.

Bring out the best in your brand so other people would consider using it. Your campaign should grab the attention of everyone not just your target audience. As we mentioned earlier, your billboard will be seen by thousands, so use this opportunity to attract more customers.


8- Evaluate The Outcome

Was this the outcome and success you aimed for? Or did you have different expectations?

Did your sales number increase? Did you gain more customers? There are many factors that could help you evaluate the performance of the campaign; one of them is if the campaign achieved its main goal.

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The evaluation will help you spot your mistakes so next time you avoid them and it will help you notice what you could’ve done better.


What else do you think should be done when a brand owner is about to create an OOH campaign?

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