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INSITE Marketplace: Presenting Billboards Online Shopping Experience

We live in a world where one click can do wonders. If you think online services got nothing more in their pockets, well, think again!

For many years now, many brands and companies have developed online services for people to make life easier. If you looked back 15 years ago or even 10, who could have thought that you can pay all your bills while being at home! This is why digital platforms and services are gaining worldwide popularity.

Since every once in a while new online services emerge, this time there is a new one came out to help advertising companies.

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for your OOH campaign, you can do that remotely with simple clicks.

The Launch of The Biggest Ad-Space Trading Platforms

On Saturday, INSITE Marketplace announced the launch of the biggest digital platform for trading outdoor spaces and billboards for campaigns. The announcement was made on a celebration night with INSITE Marketplace’s sister companies OUTSITE OOH, MOOH, and INSITE OOH. The event was held in the Four Season Hotel with over 70 guests.


A Rich Event Full of Awards and Speeches

The event kicked off with international and local videos of the OOH media to give a proper introduction to the idea of INSITE Marketplace. Right after the introduction, Ahmed Bahgat, the Founder and CEO of the platform gave a speech explaining the project and how the future of OOH is digitalizing.

Also, under the name of OOH Night, the event announced its first OOH gathering to hand out honorary awards. These honorary awards will be handed to some of the OOH tycoons such as Abdelsalam El-Kilany, Founder of Eama Advertising, Wagih Roushdy, Founder of PETRA Outdoor, Mohamed Abdelmoem El-Sawy, Founder of Alamia Group, and many more.

Presenting International Standards to The Local Market

The INSITE Marketplace is a website and an application that allow you to pick the spot you want for your billboard. It has over 1500 ad spaces that offer different OOH billboards regarding the type and size.

The application gathers many OOH providers such as buyers, planners, and production companies. Therefore, you will have the ability to choose the perfect area for your billboard. For example, the application offers you many space varieties, like malls, highroads, airports, and many more.

Consider yourself doing online shopping for a billboard.


OOH Challenges Will Be Easy to Overcome

Assem Khalifa, head of International Advertising Association in Egypt discussed important points that will help bring international standards to our local market. He also discussed the challenges that face the OOH in Egypt and how we can overcome it.


The application is representing the best solutions to overcome these challenges; it allows you to choose whether you want a billboard or a digital billboard and its place. Also, there’s a “Hot Deals” section that has many billboards’ areas with all their details including the provider.

Also, there’s a “Most Popular” section that has the most popular areas that could be a perfect fit for your billboard.


INSITE Marketplace in 2025

Mahmoud Saeed, Director of Communication at INSITE Market place told the story of how everything started in 2015. Later, Saeed handed the mic to the CEO Ahmed Bahgat who revealed what the future has for this platform.

By the year 2025, there will be version 2 of the application to cope with the different markets in the MENA region. This version will help cover all of the MENA’s different business models.

You can download the application from the website or Google Playstore and soon it will be available on the IOS.


We can’t help but wonder what other services will be digitalized in the future.

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