Adzily: Bringing the perks of digital to mass reaching OOH advertising

Outdoor advertising and TV continue to be big brands’ go-to when it comes to mass reach, and who can blame them with all the amount of time we spend either on the road in traffic or on our couches?

However, OOH advertising and even guerilla marketing all have one crucial missing element, a way to track success. For brands looking for more accurate numbers, they’ve turned to Google and social media platforms, but what do you do if your customer base is offline or trying to focus more on what is happening around them?

A new advertising platform, Adzily, is aiming to help advertisers get more data for their offline ads. They aim to disrupt the International OOH industry by introducing a new offline platform that provides the mass reach of OOH coupled with digital marketing’s advantage of insights, data and interactivity. The platform aims to be able to reach people when they’re offline and relaxed, when consumers are more likely to view an ad rather than use ad breaks to do other things.


Adzily: Digital Advertising Offline and OOH

Adzily is the first indoor advertising platform in MENA, installing digital screens that will allow customers to view and interact with ads inside cafes, malls, gyms and more. The company currently has a few hundred digital screens installed in several prominent locations across Cairo, and aims to provide over 1000 screens.

Adzily brings the power of digital advertising including (Targeting, Segmentation, Engagement, Tracking, and Insights) to the physical advertising world.For more information:

Posted by Adzily on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Partnering with several malls and cafes, Adzily’s partners are diverse enough to capture a wide range of audiences, as well as a lot of locations to captivate the right audience closest to your location. They’ve already partnered with Café Supreme, Pottery Café, Costa Coffee, Golds Gym, UFC Gym, Cinnabon and Dandy Mall to name some, and screens are currently available at many of their locations.

We talked with founders Ahmed Ashoor and Mostafa Hendawy to understand a little bit more about the new ad platform.

“Adzily brings the power of digital advertising to the physical advertising world. It allows for brands to receive important live information on their campaigns and adverts to an online dashboard, and provides several digital advertising capabilities such as creating the campaign online, choosing where the ad will be seen, and selecting objectives and ad types,” said Ahmed Ashoor.

The Adzily dashboard currently features Ad creation, Ad View, invoices and several insights such as views, engagement per location/screen, and more.

“Adzily will be placed in different locations targeting many classes (A+, A, B+, and B) based on different locations/brands they go to and on the activities they while there. So, advertisers will be able to get insights and target customers based on the data we previously have from locations and customer interactions… In addition, through our future integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Tags,

advertisers can get depth into user engagement data by location based on their activities with the brand after they scan QR codes to visit websites, or fill-in lead generation forms,” continued Ahmed.

Adzily provides several choices of ads to put on their display screens; image, video, interactive HTML and web view of a specific website page, dynamic ads and they have also hinted to the future of interactive ads such as games.

Their display screens are available all over Cairo, from Sheikh Zayed to Central Cairo such as Zamalek and Mohandessin and all the way to Heliopolis and New Cairo.


The Future of OOH?

Adzily founder Mostafa Hendawy stated that “We are driving the digital marketing experience offline to reach offline leads and opportunities.”

It is clear that Adzily is attempting to grab the best parts of both worlds, they’ve already estimated that ads on their display screens will receive an average of 80 impressions per day per screen. Alongside its abilities to interact with consumers, according to the company, the results of an on-ground survey at their partners’ branches state that cafes receive between 100-300 people a day.

At Dandy Mall, the company has already installed over 14 screens that receive 1000+ impressions daily.

Ahmed Ashoor told us that they are already gathering data on the various types of customers that go to difference brands and locations they have partnered with to provide clients with an extensive resource that will help them better target consumers at their favorite places.

Do you think this could be the future of OOH? Let us know!

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