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Mohamed Salah leads “You are stronger than drugs” campaign

The Egyptian Anti-Addiction Treatment Fund releases moving story of a mother and son as he battles addiction for International Mother’s Day. In Egypt we treated mum in March for Mother’s Day but it’s also celebrated in May across the globe too.

Separating itself from the usual bright sun-filled “happy days” format that most Mother’s Day videos follow nowadays, the Anti-Addiction Treatment Fund has moved forward with a heart wrenching video on the subtle but dangerous effects drugs can deal to users.

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Starring the Egyptian professional footballer Mohamed Salah, The video begins with the ordinary story of a young Egyptian looking to become a famous footballer, a common dream, but slowly viewers watch as he transforms due to the influence of friends. Soon, his dream is shattered due to his reclining heath, and with it his sanity and mental health.

The video expresses not only the physical side effects of drug abuse, but its mental effects on both the abuser and their families. The dark tones, both in its copy-writing and its directing show the slow decline into the abuser’s madness.

The right brand ambassador

The organization seems to have chosen Mohamed Salah, famed Egyptian footballer, as their key brand ambassador. Mohamed Salah, a professional athlete with successful intentional career, is known for his speed and of-course have a large lung capacity and is healthy and free from any drug effects.

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Providing a campaign key influencer who has become an embodiment of that dream (Salah) is a great way of supporting many of Egypt’s young generation, and providing them with an example of what could be if they stayed away from drugs and cigarettes.

Mohamed Salah knows exactly how to improve a bad situation. During his time in Chelsea, he was sidelined for the majority of his time. He took the opportunity to learn and improve his skills rather than be defeated. A sentiment to the campaign he is currently seems to be the face of.

This is not the first time that Mohamed Salah has used his fame and popularity as a way to combat the rising drug abuse and smoking abuse in Egypt. Last year, Mohamed Salah, along with Aly Mazhar, appeared in a different ad for the organization.

You are stronger than drugs campaign:

The video sheds a light on the deeper levels of drug abuse. Showing a bright light on the dark truths behind closed doors, the pain a mother feels and the depression and hurt a person feels as their dreams are taken away from them.

The campaign third phase meant to increase the awareness of Egyptian youth against drugs effect and show case how addiction could be a reason to stop you from achieving your dreams.

The campaign, “You are stronger than drugs,” focuses on explaining that you don’t have to fall into the horrible drug abuse. Follow the Anti-Addiction Treatment Fund here, and see how you can help others shed a light.

Drug Addiction on the rise

Egypt’s drug usage has been on the rise for many years due to lax security measures against drugs, as well as deep seated corruption within the police force.

In 2016, Hanan Girgis, Operations Director of the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera), stated the size of drug trade in Egypt has reached EGP 400 billion, amounting to half the total expenses in the state budget.

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