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Pepsi features Mohamed Salah in Advert about Ambition and Success

Football is just a game. Yes it is loved by millions but it is a fact that it is a game of sports nothing less, nothing more. Yet most of the brands choose to sponsor football games, players and leagues because it is the most popular game on earth and it viewership is in might of no other. They seek viewership but they missed a point.

Pepsi is a giant brand and one of the most recognized brands on earth; that is also a fact, and we have spent over than 50 million on football. Particularly on Pepsi’s schools league. Why? Because Pepsi didn’t miss the point of it all, didn’t miss comprehending the moral of football, that actually made it the most loved and most popular sports on the planet.

A football match is played till the end, till the last minute the ball never stops the footballers never give up, never leave the field and leave no matter how tired they are or how far are they from winning. They never give up. Every minute, every second is now, and now a person goes for his goal.

It is not a matter of footballers but a matter of a generation…a new generation who never give up, even if they are a second away from the edge, a new generation who always say…Yalla Now!!!

Sherif El Hotabiy

The computer science graduate started his career in a different way than his colleagues. Starting as a news editor in Nile TV International, Sherif made his way up to news anchoring in less than 4 years. His multitasking and bilingual skills made him the only person in the company who worked in PR, Advertising and Creative thinking at the same time.