6 Key Insightful Leadership Lessons From The Aspiring Mohamed Salah

Egypt’s Mohamed Salah, one of Africa’s most high-profile players. That got us thinking to extract insights that works for every professional beyond the football world.

Every profession demands creativity, some more than others. A creative person who is able to excel in his career is always expected to problem-solve, think critically, be innovative and make fast decisions.

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The one who believes and can see the bigger picture faster than anyone in the team is always the solution who own the most powerful weapon which you can use to come up with innovative solution.

As we have been spectating the Africa Cup of Nations and Egypt’s qualifications to the quarter-finals of the AFCON all due to Mohamed Salah’s thunderous 183 meters free-kick in the first 11 minutes of the match against Ghana.

Egypt's Mohamed Salah crushes a free-kick for 1-0 win over Ghana - AFCON 2017 (Photo: Getty)
Egypt’s Mohamed Salah crushes a free-kick for 1-0 win over Ghana – AFCON 2017 (Photo: Getty)

Football starts as a hobby, you find that you are skilled at it and find in your heart that this is what you want to do professionally. So you grow you skill, evolve and train hard!

Mohamed Salah’s start was no different than any of his fellow footballers. However, he has what not many others might acquire and that is strong belief and creativity.

Keep reading to gain invaluable insights from the amazing aspiring Mohamed Salah.

1- You will never win if you don’t start:

Starting is always the hardest step in your journey for achieving your goals . Fear of failure, insecurities and many more reasons are keeping you stuck at square no. zero, but if you don’t start you will never explore your potential for success.

You fear you are not creative enough, or the right person for the job, well, do it anyway! Dream and trust in it. There is always room for improvement if you believed in yourself.

Egypt's Mohamed Salah (C) celebrates his goal against Brazil with teammates Shehab Ahmed and Ahmed Hegazi during their men's Group C football match against Brazil at the London 2012 Olympic Games. (Reuters)
Egypt’s Mohamed Salah (C) celebrates his goal against Brazil with teammates Shehab Ahmed and Ahmed Hegazi during their men’s Group C football match against Brazil at the London 2012 Olympic Games. (Reuters)

The 24 year old football player, Mohamed Salah has a dream that he works very hard every day to reach. He grasped on the opportunity to play football with Grassroots Pepsi Football League “Dawry Al Madares”. An initiative Pepsi adapted to inspire and support emerging football talent in schools.

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In the last 14 years almost 1 million students joined “Dawry Al Madares” and 70 of these football players became international and local professionals. Mohamed Salah is one of those aspiring 70 players.

He began his professional football career in 2008 with Arab Contractors SC -El Mokawloon Al Arab- where he shone brightly and his breakthrough stardom came when he assisted and scored seven goals in 13 appearances.

If he hadn’t started somewhere or waited for the perfect opportunity to come knocking on his door he wouldn’t be nicknames “Egyptian Messi” by his fans now.

2- Skill will only get you this far:

You are one of the lucky ones who are talented or skilled at your chosen field, well good for you. Mere skill will only get you recognized for a short time, but perseverance and hard work will write your name in history!

People will forever look up for legends and will always recognize them even when they are no longer in business. Working hard to evolve your skills, weaknesses and personal growth is the secret recipe to achieving greatness.

3- Know Yourself

You are who you are. Let’s start embracing your true-self instead of hiding it under the covers. This should kick-start the beginning of your self-discovery process and ignite more ideas to start a journey of continuous improvements.

Mohamed Salah is mostly recognized for his outstanding skill and speed but when asked what he wants to improve in his playing skills, his reply was to use his right foot more -he is a lefty-, improves his shooting from outside the box, uses his head more and plays with more speed.

He knows his weaknesses and strong suit and working hard to evolves both.

4- Set Goals, objectives and work hard:

Any aspiring professional should start by envisioning his/her goal, where they want to be, then objectives to reaching their goal. After that, just enjoy the journey…

Mohamed Salah is bearing on his shoulders the hopes and dreams of 90 million Egyptians in helping the Egyptian National Football team to qualify for the Wold Cup in Russia 2018, anyone would break under such huge responsibility.

Salah though is prepared for such responsibility as it is already his objective that he is working every day to achieve. Furthermore, he keeps aspiring for more, he doesn’t settle down for the easy options.

When he first started his international football career with FC Basle, his stunning creativity in playmaking, in seeing the opening that others didn’t notice, the flawless passing technique to exploit the invisible, tiny gaps in the opponent’s defense and his outstanding skills beamed.

He helped Basel retain the Swiss Super League title and guiding the team to the semi-finals of the Europa League.

He won CAF most promising Talent of the Year award and in the same year 2012/2013, the ‘Egyptian Picasso’ won the “Swiss Golden Player” award.

Mohamed Salah wins Swiss Golden Players AWARD for 2012/2013 (Photo:
Mohamed Salah wins Swiss Golden Players AWARD for 2012/2013 (Photo:

This award came after a series of groundbreaking performances, the most note-worthy is the goal he scored against Chelsea in the UEFA Champions league, where he scored the only goal of the game to help Basel defeat the London club. Sounds familiar right? Maybe it is his signature move!

5- Don’t be afraid to change your objectives:

Sometimes the right thing comes at the wrong time. And this is not a problem if you are willing to step down and rethink your directions for growth.

Mohamed Salah signed with the Blues (Chelsea) in 2014, but no matter how hard he trained and showed his capabilities he wasn’t in the starting lineup. He only scored twice in 19 appearances with the blues.

In an interview with France Football, he said that even though he wasn’t necessary happy with being on the sideline, he still thinks that joining Chelsea was a key moment in his life and career and added that he learned a lot because he was young and suddenly found himself alongside the best tacticians in the world (Mourinho) and with exceptional players.

He didn’t settle yet again and when he was on a season long loan for AS Roma, he worked harder still. He did what he does best and scored in the second half of the season 9 goals in 26 games.

He then signed with AS Roma and even won Best Arab Player in 2016 at the Globe Soccer Awards ceremony after scoring 18 goals for Roma in 2016, helping them finish third in the Italian Serie A as well as reaching the European Champions League round of 16.

6- Mohamed Salah Inspires Great Teamwork:

The difference between success and failure is a great team. There’s no way to overstate how important a great team is to a business’ success.

Ultimately, the main “secret” in making a great team is to stay humble, helpful and cooperative to inspire your team members do more and work in harmony as one unit.

Egypt star Salah mobbed by his team-mates after scoring in Ghana - AFCON Gabon 2017 (Photo: Getty)
Egypt star Salah mobbed by his team-mates after scoring in Ghana – AFCON 2017 (Photo: Getty)

Egypt eye a record-extending eighth Africa Cup of Nations crown on their first appearance in seven years and Mohamed Salah impressive journey is preparing him to achieve world-class status in short time if he kept going in this focused, inspiring pace.

Keep aspiring for more and never settle. Hustle and show what you are capable of.

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