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Etisalat dedicate its Ramadan campaign for the 10-year anniversary celebration

The Green giant of Egypt, the current strong rival to telecommunications titan Vodafone, Etisalat has been around for quite some time now. Although not as long as Vodafone, Etisalat has cemented its place in the hearts and phones of many Egyptians.

The telecommunications service provider, which originally hails from the UAE, has celebrated its 10-year anniversary in Egypt with its newest Ramadan ad. For a decade, the telecommunications provider has been providing Egyptians with fun ads, great deals and bundles, as well as some heartwarming moments.


Celebrating 10 years and Ramadan

Etisalat celebrates Ramadan this year with an exciting milestone.

To celebrate their anniversary, the green brand has decided to focus its Ramadan campaign on its positioning and branding. Their new ad, which was released last Sunday on the 28th, focuses on a group of fresh graduates and their future in ten years. An analogy or metaphor for the brand’s own coming of age story.

The company’s original positioning on the market is “Takhayal Bokra” or “Imagine the future,” and the brand is completely focused on it for this ad. The ad moves forward in time to see what the fresh graduates are up to, focusing on the “Future” and the many more years to come.

The ad states that the brand will be here to stay, and it is looking towards the future. It celebrates this with a new promotion, giving users 10 times their recharge and bundle.

The key message from this ad and campaign? “To look forward, not behind.”

An inspirational quote for a company who has had some troubles in the market but continues to persevere and grow. It is also a quote many can relate to; the brand pushes forward to encourage people to look forward to a better and brighter tomorrow.

Etisalat’s wild years

This Ramadan marks Etisalat’s entry into the Egyptian market, and it has been a long and wild ride.

The Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, cleverly branded as Etisalat for easier memorability, has been around for many years and has a growing and long history within Egypt.

Launched on May 1 2007, Etisalat Egypt softly entered the market before raising the volume with its lunch ad. The new telecommunications provider was the first in Egypt to provide 3G services, and already had over 400 thousand people registered before its official launch.

Etisalat also has one of the most varied telecommunications advertising portfolios. With futuristic elements such as Egyptians on the moon, to silly clowns, this advertiser has successfully tried many things to capture their target audience.

They also maintain a strong competition with telecommunications rival Vodafone, competing each year for the best Ramadan commercials and campaigns.

The brand came out with its original “mother” brand and slogan “Image tomorrow,” or as written on their website “A New Day A New idea,” and it continues to align itself with these lines of innovation.

The brand was not only the first telecommunications provider to provide Egypt with 3G, it also was one of the first to come out with 4G services, as well as being the only provider that did not need users to change their sim cards to enjoy 4G coverage.

The green giant pushes forward with innovation along with its CSR efforts. With its program “Ro’ya,” Etisalat helps hearing impaired citizens by providing the means to use sign language on their mobile phones. Their program, Masmou, aims to help visually impaired citizens as well through new innovations and tactics.


With their new released campaign, and the celebration of their 10th year anniversary, let us hope that Etisalat will continue to bring high tech revolutions and innovations to the telecommunications industry in Egypt. As well as continue to better their advertising to keep us marketers on our toes.

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