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April Fool’s Day 2017 Marketing Review

It’s April 1st, the international Prank Day. Brands joining in the fun and this year is no different, introducing futuristic, sarcastic and fun pranks.

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It’s this one day that whatever you hear from friends or brands alike is not taken on face value, we doubt even the most believable of products. April’s Fool hashtag (#AprilsFool) has a reach of 1,516,770 on Twitter alone.

Any campaign or product launched on this day is perceived with great suspicion and dubiousness.

Amazon Echo:

Amazon introduced it’s all new “Petlexa”. Amazon Echo is not for homeowners anymore, your pet can bark and meow command Alexa. Your pet can command Alexa to activate smart home toys and purchasing from Amazon. Imagine getting home to your cat’s moody shopping spree.


Google Maps 2017 April Fool:

Google Maps’ April’s Fool recreated the golden age arcade game; Ms. Pac-Man. Google Maps morphs your street to a game of Ms. Pac-Man, in 2015 Google maps changed to Pac-Man game as well, but this is not stopping users to spend their day running from ghosts.

You can enjoy April’s Fool day by playing it on the android, iOS application and desktop here.

BMW Unicorn 2017 April Fool:

The Automotive giant, introduces special Unicorn parts for the all-new 4 series BMW.

Honda Emojis 2017 April Fool:

The art of Emojis is everywhere, so why not in car horns as well? This is what Honda Dream Labs invented. Honda Horn Emojis, let your fellow drivers know how you feel with the new expressive car horn.

Emirates swimming pool:

Emirates Airlines unveiled plans for the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The APR001 aircraft includes a swimming pool, games room, gym and park. Emirate’s aircraft reminds us of the spaceship in the movie; Wall-E.

However, with the US President Donald Trump’s electronics ban in Middle East airplanes, We encourage Emirates to start seriously thinking of such entertaining aircraft.

Qatar Airways Introducing YouSuite:

Qatar Airways takes luxury to the next level with its YouSuite. Qatar introduces the perfect epitome of solitude, quite and space. Because you will be the only traveler on board.

Too good to be true, right!?

IKEA Australia April Fool:

IKEA has big plans for 2019 and those plans are high in the sky. IKEA is expanding to offer FLIKEA! FLIKEA is a single-class, low-cost carrier that will travel to may international destinations.

T-Mobile April Fool:

You thought wearable technology is revolutionary? Think again… T-Mobile transcends you to a full-body technological experience with the new T-Mobile ONEsie.

Say goodbye to weak network.

Tag Heuer:

The Swiss watch manufacturing company unveils its latest innovative watch design. The most innovative watch out there is in the form of a Green Pill, which connects you to eternity. A Pill that displays the time directly on your wrist.

Lyft 2017 April Fool:

With lyft’s latest gadget we are not sure who got played, the audience or Lyft. Lyft created a real-life prank that actually works. Does this still make it a prank?

Mono is a real working gadget that frees you from your phone, hailing a ride autonomous of your phone. By just raising your hand to request a Lyft.

McDonald’s Micro Mac:

What can you offer after the great success of Big Mac, Grand Mac and Mac Jr? Behold, the Micro Mac! Step into McDonald’s micro kitchen, introducing the ridiculously miniature sandwich.

McDonald’s is making fun of its decision to offer various sizes of the same sandwich in a sarcastic April’s Fool advert.

McDonald’s Egypt:

As April is the international Autism Awareness Month. McDonald’s Egypt introduced a very special blue menu. In association with The Egyptian Autistic Society, McDonald’s will donate 10% of the Blue Menu items which includes;“McFizz Blue Passion, Twist Cone Blue Gum, Blue Sundae”

Today, McDonald’s announced a limited time only, Blue Big Mac sandwich.

April’s Fool or not, the post in less than 8 hours gained 8.2K likes and was shared 2,296 times.

Pizza Hut Egypt:

Flying pizza! That’s a dream come true, fastest delivery in Egypt will fly to you by Pizza Hut Egypt.

Pizza Hut introduces the flying pizza delivery, which is not so far fetched as Amazon has been awarded a patent for a giant flying warehouse that acts as a launchpad for drones to deliver items within minutes.

And Domino’s Pizza delivered the world’s first pizza by drone in New Zealand in November 2016.

Burger King France:

After a Whopper sandwich who has room for fries? Burger King France introduces “THE SINGLE FRIES” a special french fries wrapped and comes in 3 different sizes.

To enjoy your Whopper sandwich without worry that your fries will be left over, you will have the single fry to perfectly complete your meal.

Burger King France has an even more ridicule campaign, introducing Whopper’s toothpaste. The sandwich tastes so good, you wouldn’t want to brush your teeth afterwords. So here comes the tastiest Whopper toothpaste.

KFC Canada:

The Finger-lickin’ voice-activated Bucket is here. KFC Canada introduces the first ever voice-activated Darth Vader of the chicken buckets.

KFC Canada New Zealand:

What is better than chicken pops? Sushi chicken pops of course! KFC New Zealand introduces the best fusion of KFC and Sushi.

KitKat Egypt:

The sushi craze doesn’t stop here. Kitkat Egypt has announced that KitKat Sushi is now available in Egypt. KitKat Egypt asks its customers to try it out now, how many people actually asked for the new KitKat -most probably a prank- Sushi?

What we know is that the post gained 5.7K likes, was shared 464 times and 1.1K comments

Farm Frites Egypt:

Farm Frites Egypt caused quite the controversy with its April’s Fool post. The post gained 5K likes, 797 comments and was shared 1,921 times.

The post says that “At Farm Frites we guarantee the best Potato trees ever.”

Even though it’s a well known fact that potatoes are ground plants, still the post gained the desired attention.

Pornhub Automated Social Media Sharing:

Pornhub might just give someone a heart attack with its new social sharing feature!

Don’t worry your browsing is always safe and secure, we are fully encrypted using HTTPS protocols,” the message reads.

Let us know which is your favorite prank?


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