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For New Managers: Here Are The Problems You Might Face And How To Solve Them

At a certain point in your career, you will be promoted to a manager and it is fair to say that most employees are always looking forward to this day. As the promotion might seem exciting and definitely a huge step in anyone’s career, it brings different types of responsibilities and workloads.

Most new managers face some challenges when they first start their roles due to their lack of experience. Today we are here to help you out if you’re about to be promoted.

Here are some challenges that you might face as a new manager and how to overcome them.


Communicating With Other Departments

As a manager, you won’t just communicate with your department, you will communicate with all of the departments in your company.

You will be working with different departments and not only working on your main tasks but on tasks related to the managerial level. You will also manage your friends and previous colleagues. This will require a huge enhancement in your communication skills.

How to solve:

Aside from enhancing your communication skills, you have to know your team members’ personalities to be able to find out the proper communication way, as not every communication method is effective with all the teams.

You can do so by conducting a personality test to get to know your employees better.


Managing Your Own Tasks And Your Managerial Tasks

Many managers feel stressed out because they work on multiple tasks along with supervising the team.

You have to be aware that you will be doing your tasks as a manager, supervising your team, and also working to solve the problems your team faces.

Some managers feel overwhelmed and stressed because of the workload.

How to solve:

Organize your work and tasks and put everything in a schedule. You can also specify a certain time of the day to check in with your employees and supervise. Don’t stress yourself and do everything on the same day; you have to expect that on some days you will have to postpone some tasks to be able to deliver others on time.


You’re Either Too Friendly Or Too Strict

As a manager, you have to have your own set of limits with your employees; you have to decide how you and your employees will communicate with each other.

Some managers tend to be very friendly that their employees lose respect for them and don’t listen to them, while some managers think that being so strict will create a strict and organized environment.

This is not true; so, here’s what you can do.

How to solve:

You have to balance between being strict and being friendly. Be the kind of boss who’s friends with their team yet still knows how to gain respect.


Figuring Out The Right Management Style

Before you follow a certain type of management, you have to do research on which one will be effective with your employees.

Some managers follow a type of management that doesn’t work well with their employees and negatively affect productivity and the relationship between them.

How to solve:

There are many types of management styles, you have to do deep research and figure out which one will go well and which one to avoid.

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Thinking That You’re Always Right

Being a manager doesn’t mean that your opinion is always right.

New managers might think they know better and that their opinion is always right, but this is not true. You were an employee once, so, you have to put yourself in their shoes; at some point, you needed your manager to listen to your opinion.

How to solve:

Listen to your team and ask for their feedback. You can do so by arranging meetings and hearing them out.


Making The Right Hiring Process

As a manager, you are the one responsible for hiring candidates, so you have to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Most new managers get anxious about hiring new people as they worry about hiring the wrong candidate. There’s no denying that it is a huge responsibility as the wrong employee can ruin tasks and it will be the manager’s responsibility.

How to solve:

Here’s what you can do, you have to put candidates through a strict screening process and test their skills to make sure they fit the criteria. During the probation period, you have to supervise them, spot their mistakes, and guide them.

You also have to make sure, they’re learning from their mistakes.


While all of this might be overwhelming to you, you have to be sure that this promotion means you’re going in the right direction. 

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