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WE releases one of the best cinematic trailers of Ramadan 2018 yet

This is WE’s first year as a competing telecom service provider. Last week, we saw WE’s offbeat tactical ear-worm and the release of ad/teaser for their World Cup campaign [100 Million Voice].

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Today, WE dropped one of the most cinematic trailers of Ramadan 2018 yet for its upcoming World Cup campaign.

For the first time Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Ezz in one scene, Ahmed Abdel Aziz step out of the shadows as WE’s celebrity trio for the anxiously awaited first Ramadan campaign by Telecom Egypt.

The trailer builds up the tension with cinematic shots as its three protagonists come together for a mission with the ending… Coming soon!

WE is the second brand to have created a mixed Ramadan and World Cup campaign, although it isn’t quite clear yet how they are going to balance the two.

Although it started Ramadan with an earworm, this ad easily cements WE’s position as a strong competitor among the telecommunication companies during the Arab Advertising Superbowl.

There continues to be a lot of friction for the brand as they continue to build up their reputation since their recent establishment. This will provide the brand with an unparallel opportunity to really build its branding and show off its strength during the two massive advertising seasons.

If WE continues with the quality of this ad for the rest of its Ramadan and the World Cup, it could overturn a lot of the friction it has been having with fans about its creative choices.

Can you guess what is the assigned mission for Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz and Ahmed Abdel Aziz? If yes, let us know in the comments below.

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