Ramadan 2018

WE launches Ramadan tactical Ad while planning for World Cup mega campaign

Telecom brands usually generates Egypt’s top buzzing campaigns on digital media during the holy month. Telecom Egypt’s WE has only been around for a little over half a year, and is still trying prove itself as a major telecom service player. Although the company behind it may technically own all the internet in the country, its new service provider has only been established recently.

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This Ramadan will be WE’s first entrance into the Arab Advertising Superbowl, and it is one of this year’s most anticipated campaigns.

WE released their first ever Ramadan ad, finally allowing us to see what they have up their sleeves.

The new telecom service provider finally joins the big leagues with an infectious earworm, worthy to battle it out with the other telecom Ramadan anthems.



In less than 24hrs, the ad has reached over 894K views on Facebook, and reached over 247.3K accounts on Twitter. With its hashtag, [#ولسة_الباقة_شغالة] , reaching over 245K on Twitter, WE’s first Ramadan outing is starting out well.


El Bak-bak-bak-a: captivating earworm?

WE’s first Ramadan ad breaks out of the traditional style that telecoms have built over the years, with massive budgets and various celebrity appearances, to bring us a fun and captivating earworm that will mostly likely be played throughout the holy month.

WE also breaks from tradition by focusing their Ramadan ad on its packages, rather than a branded anthem. The national telecom service provider is giving Ramadan and summer a new fun anthem, along with what could easily be a new dance craze.


Saving power for World Cup mega campaign?

On September 18, 2017, Telecom Egypt launched its mobile service, branded as WE. The 137 years old brand is still trying to make a name for itself since its recent announcement as an integrated mobile operator, and its first entries to the Arab Advertising Superbowl of a captivating earworm, and a World Cup Competition are great choices for the growing brand.



Unlike some of its competitors, WE’s first run at Ramadan wasn’t lackluster. Maybe it’s a sign that the brand will quickly position itself as a top runner, rather than playing a game of slow catch-up with the other telecom players.

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