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Wael Fakharany: Why Personal Branding Is Essential To Career Success?

If you are close to the tech and entrepreneurial scene in the MENA region you probably heard the news that Careem the local start up which is competing with Uber fired Wael Fakharany in a very abruptly and we can see unprofessional way all sudden after a very short period of running their Egyptian Operations.

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If you don’t know Wael, he was a Google executive responsible for their Middle East division and 6 month ago he decided to leave Google to join this new well-funded startup Careem as their Managing Director in Egypt.

This move was a very big deal in the tech community in this part of the world, while leaving a big company to join a start up is a more familiar site in the states, its definitely a huge deal in the MENA region entrepreneurial community which is still very much in its infancy.

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One thing that made this event a big deal is the Personal Brand that Wael Fakharany built for himself as a thought leader In both the tech and entrepreneurial world in the MENA Region, his brand was built not just as an successful technology expert but also his continues strategic influence on social media, speaking engagement, writing and continue building of a thought leader brand image though out the years.

This personal brand made his firing not just news about an executive being fired but a figure, role model, a trusted brand that people loved and engaged with on a daily bases and leader for a lot of young men and women in the technology field.

One thing people in the MENA region are not utilizing well is their social media accounts and how they are an essential part of building their brand.

Companies now are looking at potential employees social media site and their influence over others as a very integral part of their hiring process. Influencer in their Industry is paid much better and has a better career security because they are looked at as experts in their field.

The critical differences between the top elites and the Struggling in their field will not be technical proficiencies. It will be that the Elite are thought leaders, Brands and the Struggling even though they can be just as while competent or even have better capabilities seem to disappear in the crowd.

As one of my mentors said to me once “ In this day and age you need to treat yourself as a media company” Lastly , I heard is Mr. Fakharany was offered a position within days of his firing and that is also part of the power of building a brand for yourself in this day and age.

Jobs and companies will come and go but your brand will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Ahmed Rashad

Ahmed Rashad is a Business Development and brand strategy consultant. Ahmed focuses on helping fast growing Innovative organizations and their leaders grow their business, increase sales and build loyal following online and offline by developing their branding and marketing capabilities. Ahmed has extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, online businesses and Specialty chemicals companies United states , Japan and the Middle East. Ahmed is also cofounds of men’s self development site www.clickbeard.com and Arabic content page for business topics , books summaries and Vlogs on Facebook and youtube @businessbilarabic.