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Careem brand credibility under question after firing Wael Fakharany!

Wael Fakharany has been always an icon in the tech industry in MENA Region. He also was very successful in building and maintaining relationships with key decision makers, winning high profile strategic deals.

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With a user base of six million customers and a network of 150,000 drivers, Careem has become the region’s largest ride-hailing platform and hiring such an expert like Wael Fakharany was a big hit for Careem in Egypt.

Wael Fakharany seemed to be very enthusiastic about moving to Careem and back in September 2016, he published an article on medium to explain why he left Google to join Careem?

Fired not Resigned!

Yesterday, Careem issued a newsletter states that Wael Fakharany resignation was accepted and consequently hiring Ramy Kato to manage the company operations in Egypt.

“Wael fulfilled his role at Careem with honesty and integrity. There are times when a great mind in a great role at a great business does not necessarily make a great fit; and, as such, effective 1 March, Rami Kato has assumed the position of Managing Director of Careem Egypt.” Careem’s CEO and Founder Mudassir Sheikha said in press statements.

In a transparent and immediate online world, Wael took an action to explain facts and announce a little bit about what happened behind the scene… Wael has announced on his Twitter account that he was fired in an inappropriate way from Careem.

El Fakharany tweet was re-tweeted more than 700 times and liked more than 400 times while publishing this article.

Employees effect on brand reputation:

Successful organizations understands the value of intangible assets. Even if intangible assets are the ones without a physical manifestation, it still can affect the company in so many ways.

Leadership training company Dale Carnegie released a report a couple of years ago stating that organisations with engaged employees outperform organisations without them by as much as 202%. The report also said shareholder return is 19% higher when employees are engaged.

Wael El Fakharany speech in Narrative PR Summit
Wael El Fakharany speech in Narrative PR Summit

A company’s brand reputational value has four basic elements: expectations, perceptions, business relationships and unique intellectual property assets. Improved quality in each of those areas increases financial value for the organization.

Employees still can give positive or, negative impact about the business reputation in competitive markets.

Mostly, brand crises are hard to foresee and they often only affect the very high-profile brands that are in the public eye, unless it comes from a high-profile executive and the contradictions between Wael’s Tweet and Careem story in the latest press-release puts the company credibility under questioning.

Social Media Reaction for Wael Statement on Twitter:

Influencers have a major effect on their audience across many fields of life and they can sway their opinions towards certain causes or even brands like Careem. Interestingly, influencers can either be enemies to brands or form cooperative relationships with them, and their relationship with brands are based on incentives most of the time.

Today’s morning, Egyptian Tweetbs have started two new hashtags #delete_careem and #BoycottCareem to express their disappointment regarding firing Wael Fakharany.

And guess what? Wael just received his first offer for new business opportunity on Twitter..

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