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Video Content Marketing; the why and the how

Did you know that 43% of people stated they wanted to see more video content from their brands? How about that 51.9% of international marketers specified that video was the type of content that gave them the best ROI?

Maybe you did and that’s why you’re here, maybe you didn’t and now you want to know more.

Video is one of the main types of content for content marketing, due to its powerful visual nature. It has long been told that video will become king, and we have video sites such as YouTube to prove it.

Content Marketing is all about creating and offering valuable content to your audience, attractive and engaging content that convert consumers.

Video Content Marketing provides opportunities to guide your audience through their buyer’s journey. It can educate, create awareness, promote products and campaigns as well as create emotional connections with consumers and clients.


What makes video content great?

Holds the consumer’s hands

The buyer’s journey can be a tough one, but video is one of the best ways to lend a helping hand to potential consumers.

Branded promotional vids, educational or how-to’s, entertaining short videos and video documentaries are great content for the top of the funnel. They show off the values and passions of a brand, they share what your brand is all about.

During the consideration phase, middle of funnel, video content can help by providing solutions to their problems. Convince them through video content such as product/service videos, testimonials, and about us/company culture videos.

These all come together to help guide your potential consumers; to like you, want you and then have you.


Long form to short form; the always usable content

Well-crafted and well-planned video content allows for a long list of possibilities.

Through thorough planning with a content creator or strategist, video content can be stretched from one long video into multiple. This makes the content form a very powerful and flexible ally and addition to any content strategy.

This not only improves the reach of the original video, but increases the reach of the brand overall with multiple cost-effective pieces.


Video Content Marketing Planning Ahead:

1- Content Calendar and Atomization

A video content calendar is a part of an Editorial Content Calendar. For those who are unsure of what that is, it is a month/annual calendar that states what pieces of content need to be created and posted when and on what platform.

First start with your content atomization. This is when you take your main content piece, most likely a long form video, and break it into pieces. From one video, you should be able to get multiple short clips, screenshots and even full shorter videos, when done right.

Then you schedule them on your calendar, making sure not to put them all close together. Scheduling them will also allow further planning, knowing when an item was posted makes it easier to know when to repurpose or reuse/reshare the video content.

It is at this point that knowing content marketing becomes important. It will help distribute and reuse the now multiple content pieces you have, and use them together with various other content.


2- Videos that get a laugh or smile

Create videos that have value, and show off the values of your brand. Remember, videos that focus too much on your brand and selling will cost you engagement and ROI. Videos should show off your values as a company, not as a selling machine.

The point of video to entertain, educate and create human emotions and connections.


3- Consistency = Memorability

When creating video content, it is important to remember that it still is branded content. It should look and feel similar to what the brand has made before, or stand for the same values that the brand is known for.

Just like with all content, and any aspect of a brand, it needs to be consistent. Consistency is the main key to being easily remembered by audiences.

Video has become a powerful tool, but now it can become stronger with the help of content marketing. Content marketing brings it to a whole new level, by using the content is more ways than one.

It will help develop videos that fit in a wider and larger strategy, that compliment other content, and how to distribute and atomize them.

Remember, creating video content can be easy, but to plan ahead isn’t. Always plan first before filming.

Interested in more stuff like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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