Uber and Mohamed Henedy give a blast from the past

We are used from Uber to create some really amazing commercials that leave us hooked and in love with their idea. For example, when they had Mohamed Salah in one of their commercials and the campaign before, when they had Chiko and Hesham Maged interviewing him, it went viral in a crazy way and left us all in love right from the very first second.

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Later on, they released a commercial starring Cairokee, Tarek El Sheikh and Abdelbasset Hamouda in promoting Uber Bike. The song became super popular, trendy and everyone absolutely loved it. But what came after was such a huge surprise that just left us all with the biggest smile on our face.


A Teaser Campaign To Build Viral Buzz

A couple of days ago Uber released a teaser video of the famous actor Mohamed Henedy in the Gym working out and asking the fans to practice his famous lines and people started leaving his lines in the comment section. We have to admit we were all left wondering what is going on because when it comes to Mohamed Henedy, we know something brilliant is being cooked!


Uber-Bus Finally Revealed Mohamed Henedy Best Movie Quotes

Today the surprise was revealed and Uber released their brand-new advert that just left our jaws wide open. They promoted Uber Bus in a heart-warming nostalgic way using Mohamed Henedy’s memorable buzz-words from old movies that we all grew up watching.

The advert starts with a guy wearing Henedy’s famous yellow suit in Sa’eedy Fel Gam’a El-Amrekeya and the theme song of the advert is inspired from the movie’s song Kajwelouh. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? The following scenes from the advert are all inspired from the super star’s movies, such as, Ga’ana Al-Bayan Al-Taly, and the famous fake muscles scene from Foul Al-Seen Al Azeem.

What we loved the most about this commercial is having Henedy’s co-workers from these movies. They had the actor Hesham El-Melegy from Sa’eedy Fel Gam’a El-Amrekeya in the opening scene of the advert, Soleiman Eid from Ga’ana Al-Bayan Al-Taly and Hamdy Heikal from Foul Al-Seen Al-Azeem. Talking about nostalgia done perfectly!

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The commercial went viral the second it was released and had tons of people sharing it, praising the idea and just loving the whole thing from beginning to end.

We are deeply in love with the commercial as Uber always proves to be the best in releasing adverts; they never fail us with their creativity. We wonder what’s next for Uber since we are on the verge of a wave of new commercials to be released soon and we are super excited about it.

Have you seen the Advert? What’s your favorite movie quote?

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