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Twitter challenge: Mohamed Henedy and Sa’eedi Fil Gamaa El Amrekeia (Part 2)

Twitter is one place where shorter is usually better, on Twitter everyone has to stick to the 140-character limit. The Egyptian comedy actor Mohamed Henedy 6 digits reply to a tweet asking him about Sa’eedi Fil Gamaa El Amrekeia (Part 2) was enough to start a challenge which ended up with receiving 101K tweets.

The movie released to cinema screens back in 1998 and since then Khalaf Al Dahshori’s buzzwords was injected in Egyptian youth daily conversations till today.

The movie starred Mohamed Henedi (Khalaf El‑Dahshori), Ahmed El Sakka (Hussein) and Mona Zaki (Seyada).

The first part story was about “Khalaf El-Dahshori” a young man from a small village in Upper Egypt (Sa’ed). Who gets a scholarship to the American University in Cairo, after getting the 2nd highest grade in the country.

He is now living this new Americanized lifestyle, and beginning to forget about his roots trying to fit in.


Social Media reaction to Henedy’s challenge:

From 22 June to 4th of August, Henedy’s followers have been re-tweeting to urge the Egyptian comedy star to bring back Khalaf El‑Dahshori to cinema screens, after reaching 70K tweets, they asked him to reduce the number to 70K instead of 100K tweteets, but 70,000 retweets was not good enough!

And after hitting 100K retweets, Mohamed Salah send his congratulations in advance.

Social Media’s Impact on Voice of the Customer:

The growth of social media and online reviews means the voice of the customer is stronger than ever. Social Media still a powerful channel to collect valuable customer feedback and indicate people’s interests and provide brands of what should they do and what to avoid!

What Social Media Really Means To The Film Industry?

The Egyptian Cinema Production is the biggest in the Middle-East and was one of the world’s oldest. New Egyptian filmmakers nowadays embrace and utilize the merits of social media.

The Egyptian filmmaking industry is a collaborative art form and its reflected on the tactics used for digital media publicity. Few months ago we witnessed how the makers of ‘Bashtery Ragel’ (Buying a man) movie created social media controversy for marketing purpose.

Before revealing that Nelly Karim’s new film behind the online ‘Bashtery Ragel’ sperm donor campaign, the feedback for the digital campaign was a blend of mixed opinions. Some started a conspiracy theory about human organ trafficking, some tried to use logic and religion but the mega publicity was recognized as in just 24 hours, the page has received nearly 3,000 likes and a video, in which she tells her story with her face covered in shadow to protect her identity, has received over 119,000 views.

Mohamed Henedy’s Twitter challenge might be a star of something big or might be just an online game for entertaining followers.

This case leave us wondering if Henedy would consider Sa’eedi Fil Gamaa El Amrekeia (Part 2) but perhaps most importantly, can social media listening replace traditional market research methods?

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