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Road to Russia 2018: The most prepared brands for the historical moment

Mohamed Salah and our beloved team have done it!  Salah scored a stoppage-time penalty to secure a 2-1 win over Congo and Egypt’s place in the finals for the first time since 1990.

Beating out a 28-dry spell that has left us unable to go the world cup since 1990, we are now on our way to Russia 2018. In a historic day, people banded together, prepared to cheer or cry as the team went against their opponents.

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We weren’t the only ones preparing for the match outcome. Leading brands came out with prepared content to celebrate the iconic moment. It seems they too were preparing themselves for whatever happened.

While marketing plans should cover one year, some brands made a well developed tactical plans to cover just one moment. Their dedication to the team, and their fans, have led us to compile a list of the most prepared brands.


Vodafone + Pepsi (8:58 pm)

In less than 24 hours, although not all organic, Pepsi and Vodafone have reached over 6 million views together, with both brands posting their own video. Vodafone’s love for creating brand-personalized songs shines through in this ad, they were also one of the fastest brands to post last night.

The video campaign was crosspost-ed on both Vodafone and Pepsi Facebook pages to hit over 2M views in less than 2 hours while it reached the 4th rank over Egypt’s trending topics on Twitter.



Etisalat (9:01 pm)

Etisalat went safe with their video for the historic match last night, opting for a simple nationalistic ad. The brand even took the time to provide its users with a special promo for the win.



Orange (9:33 pm)

Orange jumps out, not only with a video, but with a remix of its now controversial song/ad. The ad brings back the catchy beat of the original song, but with remixed lyrics to celebrate our win. The telecommunications brand also included a promo in its video, following in line with rival, Etisalat.



TODO (9:11 pm)

Of course we couldn’t avoid our favorite new-jacking brand. Todo also posted before the match, with something very similar to their famous Oscar post.



Telecom Egypt (9:16 pm)

With the slogan “We Belongs To You” Telecom Egypt kicked off sponsoring the national team with such a big milestone for the Egyptian football history.

With its campaign highlighting the idea of being close to Egyptians, the company chose to hit the market with a new logo and identity “ We” and used the new color theme to cover the stadium dugout area to help in making the stadium look fascinating.


Birell (8:58 pm)

Birell’s video, again one of the more prepared brands, came out with this fun look at those who were born during Egypt’s last venture to the World Cup. The brand also came out with a video later on, showing a Birell helicopter showering the streets of a celebrating Cairo with giveaways and celebration flyers.



Egypt Air (8:58 pm)

EgyptAir, one of the fastest to post on social media last night, not only posted this quick congratulations, they also posted a post match photo with Salah and Hadari.



Samsung (9:06 pm)

Samsung’s cute post is cute, but we’re hoping that the team doesn’t run into any on their trip.



Symbols for the content creating community

Pre-planning content, whether for two-sided possible outcomes, is critical to being prepared at a moment’s moment. It’s not only for special occasions, but for everyday content and social media work.

On this occasion, these brands show us the power of being prepared.

Just like why preparing a speech beforehand or coming up with things on the fly, preparation lets you ensure a certain higher quality of content. Here we can see 7 brands who have come out with fun and engaging content. Some even went extreme, such as Vodafone & Pepsi, creating videos that may not have ever seen daylight if the outcome was different.

Either way, we won’t be forgetting both the dedicated brands and our win last night.

*Featured photo media credit: Khaled Hesham

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