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Egypt’s Consumer Protection Agency bans Orange Egypt dark humor advert

It has been over 2 decades since our National Team’s appearance in the World Cup, and people are getting tired of the wait. We have always had a deep-rooted love for our national football teams and our love for football has led us down some crazy paths.

As all creatives know, humour play a decisive role in digital conversations and Ad recall. Orange Egypt came up with such shocking but hilarious advert staring senior citizens coated with witty script and controversial flavor.


Aging dreams for senior citizens

From art to music, cultural beliefs and customs, the new generation has changed rapidly but qualifying to World Cup dream still a common dream for all generations in Egypt.

Those born in 1934 would be over 80 years old by now, so let’s imagine how old those that were able to comprehend our team’s entrance to the World Cup finals would be. They would be at least in their 90s.

Their new campaign, #يانتأهل_ياماتلحقوناش, there is no next time (or It’s now or never), has launched itself to help our senior citizens encourage our young players.

Orange isn’t the only brand attempting to push the national team forward > 2018 World Cup Qualifier Campaigns: 3 Winners and Zero Losers!

Orange’s newest release, aimed towards the faith the country has in our team, hopes to encourage players and coaches to rise up and tackle the challenge. Why? Because some people just can’t wait any longer for their dreams to come true.

Daring, Different, and slightly Disturbing

Orange and FP7 Cairo have come together to bring us something definitely different than what we’re used to.

Standing out from the rest, the idea revolves around “There is no next time” concept. The advert show the senior citizens sending a wake up call for the Egyptian national team players to make it this time for 2018 World Cup in Russia as it might be their last chance to watch Egypt again playing in world cup.

The campaign entitled [#يانتأهل_ياماتلحقوناش] sounds like the very Egyptian version of “It’s now or never” as the senior citizens might have no second chances to witness such a big event again!


The video is a bend of catchy tunes and lyrics and slightly weird visuals. Humor is a great tactic for long-lasting memorability, and this ad does it well. Another tactic for memorability is for different and daring visuals; people won’t soon forget an Egyptian grandfather with dancing pecks like Terry Crews.

For the record, Orange advert generated diametrically opposite opinions were posted on Social Media in response to the campaign approach to senior citizens.

Alongside the new campaign, Orange has launched their “Egyptian’s dream bucket,” where users can dial #2018# to receive 90 free units to use for minutes or megabytes.


Banned for elderly abuse!

In the framework of CPA efforts to protect consumers’ interests by virtue of Consumer Protection Law No. 67 of 2006, The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) decided to ban Orange Egypt latest campaign for promoting elderly abuse.

Orange’s choice to focus on using an older audience to influence younger generations is a new tactic for National team encouragement ads. After 28 years of sadly awaiting our next World Cup entrance, senior citizens are asking for the national team to man up already because they’ve suffered enough.

As mentioned in the video, many are already witnessing the effects of old age, meaning they may not be able to enjoy our next World Cup efforts.

Will the aging population grow a fire underneath the team’s feet? Let us know in the comments below.

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