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Mid-Ramadan Real Estate Insights: Mountain View grabbed 70% of all sector digital engagement

Donia Samir Ghanem and Maged El Kedwany are enjoying themselves, along with real estate developer Mountain View, as they navigate their way around a foreign land with amnesia. Mountain View (MV) has been enjoying successful Ramadan campaigns lately, with last year also including El Kedwany.

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This year, the brand went on to create a mystery game for its audience, and it has been getting some fierce engagement.


MV’s teaser and main Ad copy have accumulated over 3.7 million views on Facebook, with 49% of views on the entire real estate sector. The developer has also been raising engagement rates to the roof, with 70% of the entire Facebook real estate sector for this Ramadan!

[N.B: Last update on 15 Ramadan / 31-May-2018].


But, how does Mountain View do it?

The Multipart series

This year and last year’s Ramadan campaigns hold one main thing in common, and its not El Kedwany (sorry), MV opted in on creating multipart content series rather than one simple ad.

This adds various ways to gain and continue gaining attention and engagement through out the season, or series.

We all know that video content is leading the way in content marketing and is becoming the top content form online. The difference here is that MV didn’t just decide to make video content, they went bigger and smarter with a series.

A multipart video content series has various benefits.

A series allows people to expect a certain attribute or return with every time they come back to watch new content. If your content was extremely funny, dramatic, heartwarming or etc., people will come back for more of the feeling they liked and received.

It builds suspense, when done right. The reason why people love shows like 24 is due to the suspense, of needing to know what happens next, cliffhangers and vague endings encourage returning viewers.

It allows people to continue watching the series throughout a season or jump in the middle and go all the back to the beginning if they enjoyed it. This allows for continuous viewership to previous videos as well.

All of these encourage further continuous engagement, since viewers are always coming back for more.


The Multipart series and how you can do it too

  • Choose your goal (Are you focusing on plot, setting or characters?)
  • Pick a channel (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and etc. Each video platform has their own pros and cons; research, observe and choose.)
  • Create a mini-bible (A bible is a set of rules that TV show writers use to ensure characters don’t stray from their personalities. Friends’ success was due to a strict following of their bible, where the characters’ deep emotions and core never changed.)
  • Plan a starting point for your story, then jump to the end before jumping to the middle (An important aspect of writing a multipart series is clearly knowing your beginning, end, and how to get from A to B.)
  • End with a Bang or cliffhanger for viewers to come back for more (Leave them with a taste for more).

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