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Mountain View deviates from Real Estate norm and creates its own Fawazer for Ramadan 2018

Ramadan is right around the corner. In a few hours, tv, mobile and computer screens will be filled with some of the most worked-on ads of the year.

The high saturation of ads is a staple of this time of the year, with many industries having created unspoken rules or standards for the types of ads that will be produced.

This year, Mountain View is breaking away from the usual real estate Ramadan advertising for a little bit of fun and mystery.

Mountain View recently dropped a teaser with Maged El-Kedwany and Donia Samir Ghanem to tease a new direction they will be going for this year.

The real estate company has decided to deviate from the normal real estate trends to bring a new and fresh type of content to the real estate scene, with a mystery.



Their focus in the teaser could mean that they are creating a series with, and maybe centered, around Mountain View’s properties.

More Content, Less Ads:

The types of content they will be creating is still a mystery, but Mountain View’s choice to change things up is not.

The real estate industry is one of the biggest industries in marketing, maintaining the highest number of OOH ads and holding a sizable contribution for online ads as well. With all of the industry’s advertising efforts, it has become hard for companies to branch out with something new and fresh for their consumers.

MV’s choice to go out of the norm is good news, but its choice of what looks to be a multi-part series of content is an exciting one.

A multi-part series will enable the brand to continuously keep people interested and engaging online, if done well. It will also provide rewatchability to the video content, for people who have forgotten what happened in the previous content.

People have already applauded the brand for choosing a great celebrity combination and are also excited for what is to come.


What could it be?

El-Kedwany and Ghanem’s outfits provide clues to the eagle-eyed viewers. Ghanem’s outfit closely resembles Catwoman from the Batman trilogy, or many other female spies such as the Black Widow from Avengers.

Coupled with El-Kedwany’s tuxedo, which could be a nod to another spy James Bond, Mountain View could be gearing up for a mystery or spy thriller.

Mystery is a key element in great storytelling, it leaves you wondering “what is going to happen next, how will this end?” People love a good story, and they enjoy it even more as they come up with possible solutions and endings to a scenario.

In the end, Mountain View’s choice of engaging the community with a new fresh take on Ramadan advertising is a stimulating experience. With the over saturation of ads during the holy month, MV’s escape from the norm will help it stand out and engage its audience more.


What do you think it could be? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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