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Orange’s Ramadan 2018 ad is first to hit 1M views on Facebook

This year may be the brand’s 3rd time in Ramadan since its rebranding from Mobinil, but Orange has quickly been gaining in terms of advertising levels since its entrance. The first half of the year has been doing well for Orange, whose Orange Eagle launched one of the most influential ads of the year yet.

This year, Orange’s 3rd Ramadan in the Egyptian market after rebranding is finally making a big hit. The Advert has become one of the first ads to reach 1 Million views on Facebook [on 4:30 PM], beating out the usual competition this Ramadan.

Orange’s campaign this year focuses on a new Ramadanish concept of “Your Neighbor Is The Closest Yet Furthest Friend.” Simply, the main idea is that our neighbors are our closest friends (literally) yet are the ones we still keep at arm’s length.

Orange’s campaign creates a strong message that many of us forget that small things affect people the most, such as a simple knock and invite to Suhoor.



Only 34 hours online, and the ad has already reached over 6M views on Facebook, with over 341K interactions. The campaign’s hashtag has reached over 66.7K accounts on twitter, with over 80K impressions.

The campaign is the third most searched term on Google Egypt today.

Bringing Neighbors Together

An essential part of Ramadan is to love our neighbors, whether or not we enjoy all of their behavior and activities. It is the best time for us to forget past issues, and to turn to each other as good human beings.

Orange reminds us that we don’t need to go far to implement Ramadan’s teachings, and to care for our fellow people, it can be right next door.

The ad follows Hend Sabry, Mohamed Mounir, Hossam Ghaly, Donia Samir Ghanem, Dhafer L’Abdine and Nicole Saba as they meet with the neighbors we’ve all had at least once in our lives.

Orange’s campaign with Mohamed Henedi last year won Google’s second ever Ramadan Lantern Awards.



With their ad being the biggest brand to reach 1M views in 5 hours so far, could this mean that they could be back to the top of the list to win this year’s Lantern Awards again?

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