Orange launches one of the most influential Ads of 2018

After a heavy wave of “Mahraganat Campaigns” comes one of most influential commercials of 2018. While most of brands planning for the upcoming World Cup, Orange marketers have placed a high priority on customer experience and the content that helps make the best customer engagement happen.

Some of the best ads are those that make you look twice and think about the world at large. Orange just shifted from traditional trend to create a message for consumers and urging consumers to see ads as a influential content.

It sounds like, Orange refuse to leave the Q1 of 2018 without launching a mega campaign!

The campaign line, “عيش الدور” (LIVE the life/ live it & not act it) works as a double edged meaning in the campaign as it is said by celebrities/actors. The line not only describes how an actor gets into the role, and gets into the character to make sure the best outcome in their role is achieved, but also describes how the targeted Orange EAGLE customer lives his very own, unique, lifestyle and is not acting it.

At the same time, Orange Eagle campaign is challenged to create a variety of engaging digital buzz on a consistent long-term that hammer on the campaign hashtag, yet Call To Action [#عيش_الدور].

How the campaign started?

Teaser Campaign: Last night 3 celebs Asser Yassin, Dhafer L’Abidine and Eyad Nassar posted a picture of themselves with the hashtag “#عيش_الدور“. Which spiked all our interest. could it be a new movie or Ramadan series.


About Orange Eagle:

Orange Eagle is the postpaid tariff by Orange, intended for the elite customers with very special benefits tailored for their unique lifestyle

In addition to the abundance of telco benefits, these tariffs are also rich in non-telco benefits which make it a more premium tariff. These benefits goes from a yearly free handset to its customers, to special discounts on travel tickets, hotels, ..etc. and to even providing Global Assistant services for its customers

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