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Orange announced as top in data download and upload in Egypt by NTRA

According to NTRA's National Center for ICT Services Quality Control & Monitoring’s first report

Orange looks to be having a great year so far, with a great comprehensive Ramadan campaign and making it as #3 in the Cannes Lions YouTube Leaderboard, the company seems to have really shined this year.

Earlier this week the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s (NTRA) National Center for ICT Services Quality Control & Monitoring released its first benchmarking report where it announced Orange as the better provider in terms of the data download and upload.

The report states “remarkable distinction for Orange in terms of the data download and upload”.

The announcement was released after the center conducted quality tests last July and included 23,000 kilometers of populated areas in Egypt, divided into about 110 areas, a main road, axes, and strategic locations including 80 districts, 30 roads, an axis, and a citizen’s gathering center, according to Orange.

According to NTRA’s release,

“The issuance of the QoS report comes in implementation of transparency as it is published on the NTRA’s website in a simplified way so that the citizens could be informed about the quality of services provided by telecom companies operating in Egypt and the evaluation of networks performance in their place through an interactive map to be published shortly on the NTRA’s website.

This is the first QoS report released by the NTRA in over a year, however since the NTRA has entered into a contract with Rohde & Schwarz Company to establish a technical center for the measurement of the quality of service, we should export more similar reports in the future.

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Rohde & Schwarz Company is one of the largest German companies in service quality measurement in the world, and an active member of international organizations specialized in the field.

Orange’s announcement as the top provider in terms of download and upload comes as ongoing efforts to develop and enhance the quality and efficiency of its network services throughout the country continue.

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The company is also pumping huge investments in its technological infrastructure development to achieve the highest quality of telecom and Internet experience.

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