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Orange Plays The Long Game This Ramadan and Brings It With CSR Campaign

Ramadan telecom ads have become synonymous with giant budgets and bigger stars. This year shook expectations as telecoms suddenly narrowed their star presence, and expanded into creating more campaigns than one-off ads.

However, there is one campaign that is definitely breaking through this year; Orange’s “Far2 Kebeer” not only hosted just 2 celebrities for its bright cheerful song but also moved forward with a tactical engagement strategy that was followed by a full CSR campaign.

Orange Plays the Long Game

We’ve gotten used to most “campaigns” during Ramadan being mainly a big budget single ad, usually with a somewhat catchy song to grab attention for the long term, but Orange is one of this year’s brands that are breaking out of the stereotype.

The Tamer Hosny and Nancy Ajram song not only topped charts, in the first week of Ramadan the ad ranked #3 on YouTube’s trending list, but was just the tip of the iceberg for the telecom brand’s plans for this year’s Ramadan.

Orange played the Ramadan game well, and 2 weeks later released several other copies, all tying in together that it was a large CSR campaign to begin with.

Fans were quite happy with the ad in general and its message, with over 1.8K positive comments across platforms, which allowed Orange to move onto its next phase and reveal that it was always a CSR campaign.

Orange launched several posts on social media showing off just what they meant when they sang that a little something can go a long way. The brand renovated various homes and schools in Upper Egypt, showing that its Ramadan message was something they themselves were taking to heart.

Before the CSR campaign was fully revealed, Orange used a tactical engagement strategy to keep the hype going for their message. After the song was released, the telecom brand brought a tactical engagement strategy to the stage, calling several Orange users with a recording from Nancy Ajram herself on the importance of small good deeds and how it can affect others.


Being an Example

Orange’s campaign this year is a great example as to how brands can still provide catchy songs and high-budget entertainment during Ramadan while still remembering the important pillars and themes of the holy month.

Not only did the brand create a song around an important Ramadan focus on being kind, it also showed its consumers that it followed its own advice and helped others before and during the holy month, setting an example for other brands that save big budgets for this time of the year for a single ad.

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