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Orange Tackles Plastic Waste Off The Pitch With “Orange Games Of Change”

Plastic Waste and its effect on the earth continue to be powerful subjects, subjects that local brands and governmental bodies have begun to approach and find solutions for.

With the giant uproar at the beginning of AFCON, and with stadiums being famous for being left in terrible states after matches, it was one of the most perfect times for a brand to attack the issue of plastic waste during a time of excess and abundance of media attention.

Which is exactly what telecommunications giant Orange did during the national cup, seizing the opportunity to raise awareness on how much plastic we use and to promote its environmental commitments.


Orange’s Game Of Change For Change

Orange seems to be on a roll this year when it comes their CSR activities. Earlier this year, during Ramadan, the telecom company’s campaign had people talking and thinking about the small deeds you could do to uplift someone’s day.

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This summer, they are expanding their CSR profile to help combat plastic waste in the country through their new “Game of Change” initiative.

The initiative aims to encourage football fans to collect plastic waste in stadiums for recycling. The recycled plastics will be used to establish a football pitch that will be donated to the “Leprosy Colony” at Abu Zaabal, Qaliubiya.

During matches, the official sponsor of AFCON sends down several people with baskets to collect plastic bottles and such, and has set up special places in Cairo Stadium for people to donate their plastic bottles.


Getting Orange In On The Game

Most CSR campaigns are focused on getting consumers involved, sharing values between brand and consumer, but a lot of local campaigns don’t actually invest in an important market they should be sharing values with, their own people.

To ensure the effectiveness of the campaign and to really embody the message of a “plastic-less” world, Orange put a lot of effort in encouraging their own people to be part of the message. The company encouraged its employees to actively participate in the initiative and raise awareness on the importance of reducing the use of plastic that harms the environment.


To promote using plastic less, Orange has also provided special areas on their Orange campus to build awareness about recycling and about protecting the environment.

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