Nationalism Concept in Egyptian Advertising

When a country goes through any kind of crisis the first thing it needs from its people is solidarity and to stand together to fight. We have been witnessing this from Egyptians as they all came together ever since the Coronavirus pandemic has started to spread and when we came face to face with it.

In the time of need, we can see that many organizations start to urge the mass to stand together as solidarity can strengthen the people’s spirit.

Nationalism is one of the main and important elements that adverts use to win people’s admiration and guarantee virality and urge people to come together is the sense of nationalism; this is what reminds people that together we can beat anything.


Nationalism in Adverts

Over the past months, we could see that nationalism was an essential element when it comes to creating adverts or launching campaigns. As the whole country is going through a rough time, people needed to be reminded of their love for their homeland and its people.

Relevant Campaign ➤ Telecom Egypt world cup campaign lands in Russia with former Egyptian spy

Triggering emotions through an advert will grab people’s attention and will make them fall in love with the advert and remember it for a long time. Therefore, triggering people’s emotions towards their own country will give your advert the privilege of being remembered.

Relevant Campaign ➤ Pepsi features Mohamed Salah in Advert about Ambition and Success

Spreading the sense of nationalism had a huge impact on people; we could notice that people started to help each other and urging other people to donate to win the fight against this pandemic crisis.


Nationalism in time of celebration

Depending on the nationalism element in adverts is not only used in the time of crisis but also in the time of celebration. Before the spread of the Coronavirus, adverts and campaigns used this element when the national team used to play in the World Cup or African Cup.

These past years, we have witnessed many adverts and campaigns to support any national occasions; even on social media, brands always celebrate national holidays like the 6th of October to remind people of the great victory.


What Nationalism Triggers in People

The reason why the nationalism element is important is that it makes people feel a sense of pride towards their country. When you are reminded of the greatness of your country and its people, you get to feel proud and it urges you to do more good deeds for your community. This is why when donation campaigns are launched they trigger this emotion to urge you to take part.


Share with us which advert that has a nationalism element triggered your emotions the most.

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