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WE’s world cup campaign lands in Russia with former Egyptian spy

Egypt’s national team has landed on Russian soil, and Telecom Egypt’s WE quickly joins them with a team of their own to represent the country.

The excitement for Egypt’s triumphant return after 28 years to the FIFA World Cup is reaching critical levels, especially now that the national team are preparing for their first match vs Uruguay this Friday.

As tensions and anticipation for the match build up, Telecom Egypt finally revealed their world cup campaign’s final star yesterday, after weeks of cinematic spy thriller styled teasers.

WE’s secret agent campaign comes to an end with their latest, and most likely last, ad. The team finally reaches Russia only to lose their most important asset and voice.

The ad is their highest performing campaign piece so far in terms of engagement. Within 28 hours, the campaign’s reveal has already been shared over 20.6K times, has 115K reactions, and an accumulated 4.39M views (Facebook and YouTube).

In what looks to be their final task, Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Ezz finally reveal the “most important voice” to be celebrated singer Samir El Eskandarany and drop WE’s world cup song.

How WE is waging an influence campaign to get its national mission confirmed

The national telecommunications operator choice for inviting Samir El Eskandarany can be seen as a tactical move, as he brings with him an extra sense of patriotism from his years risking his life as a spy to ensure Egypt’s success.

WE’s spy thriller theme for the campaign could also stem from El Eskandarany’s past as a former agent for the Egyptian intelligence.

To bring the spy and the singer, it can’t be more relevant!




As a main sponsor for the national team, WE does have a lot riding on Egypt’s success on the football pitch. This is one of the reasons why WE has spared almost no expense in attempts to boost Egypt’s morale ahead of the matches, in order to provide the team with the most enthusiastic cheering squad yet.

As a main sponsor, WE is also providing an inside look into the team’s preparations and time in Russia. You can find videos and streams on their Facebook page.

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