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Marketing Book: Zag – The #1 Strategy of high-performance brands

Zag – The #1 strategy of high-performance brands

Zag is a marketing book that allow us to learn visually because our ability to learn from pictures will never disappear.

Zag contains short articles with visual images, perfect for a plane ride, but they take a subject of great importance to every marketer and break it down into bite-size pieces by using pictures to emphasize the key points.

One of the remarkable sentences in the book “The quickest route to a zag is to look at what competitors do, then do something different. No-Really different”.

There’s a well-know picture taken from the book which describe the difference between (Marketing, Telemarketing, Public relations, Advertising, Graphic design, and Branding)… You probably have seen it before

zag the book

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Ahmed Abd El Fatah

Co-Founder & CEO at ENTLAQA