General Egypt presents easy steps to a Happy Marriage by Hesham Mansour

Egyptian marketers are gradually but surely breaking their industries advertising mold. We are noticing more brands are shedding their old skin and delivering fresh perspective, raising the bar to meet consumer’s expectations.

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General Egypt is a brand under the umbrella of Henkel, the 140-year old German globally recognized entity for its outstanding Adhesive technologies, Beauty Care and Home care products.

Secret recipe for a happy marriage according to General Egypt:

General Egypt has teased us two weeks ago by a video featuring the creative, writer and comedian Hesham Mansour. He’s the famous writer and presenter of “El Elm w el Emaw” Youtube series, He has written for comedy shows like Bassem Youssef’s “Al Bernameg: and “Sayed Abo Hafiza’s As’ad Allah Masa’akom”.

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Hesham Mansour bold, unique sense of humor is a breath of fresh air.

General Egypt introduces its new rim block toilet cleaner and freshener in a new humorous way. An amusing storytelling. Execution of the concept in the same manner as Hesham Mansour’s Youtube series “El Elm w el Emaw”.

Advising young couples the secret recipe of a successful and happy marriage.

General Egypt utter simple [#عادي_خالص]  effect:

In an unconventional advertisements showcasing that a fresh smell accompanied with understanding and attraction among other things, guarantees a happy marriage.

But the only challenge here is a fresh smelling restroom and specifically for newly weds, it’s a rather unspoken rule. General Egypt presents the solution in a bold entertaining advertising.

فستان بكتف واحد و بنطلون برجل واحده هي دي المعادلة لحياة زوجيه سعيدة برعاية جنرال بلوكس

Posted by General on Tuesday, February 21, 2017


For Him video, advising men what to do to maintain his wife’s admiration and love by a simple guidelines to follow, which is presented in a total contradictory way.

The contradictions of the advice and real-life examples is hilarious, and oh, so relevant. The video was viewed 1.2M times and gained 12K likes and was shared 2K times.

اللي يسمع اسمه يجمع هنا: ورود الصباح, شركاء الكفاح, اعداء النجاح! جنرال بلوكس جبتلك سر السعاده الزوجية.

Posted by General on Thursday, March 2, 2017


For Her video, General Egypt and Hesham Mansour did not forget about women and decided to lend a helping hand. Again with the humorous contradictory execution of the simple advises to a happy marriage.

The video in just 2 days gained 294K viewership, 2.5K likes and 381 shares.

This kind of out of the box advertisement is what gives us hope, that Egyptian marketers are on their way of world-class marketing strategies and outstanding execution of bright new ideas.

Hesham Mansour is the right man at the right time, as it is a great exposure right before his new sarcastic, comedy T.V show “End of the Night”, Akher el Leil that is scheduled to start airing soon on Al-Nahar channel.

Let us know what you think of General Egypt advertising approach and what do you wish to see next?

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