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Clorox Egypt breaks the advertising mold in latest campaign

Social media has been helping marketers gain insights and better understand consumers’ mentality and needs to create new market approaches.

For marketers, it’s increasingly important to attract fans and loyal customers on social platforms, too.

While most Egyptian brands focused on the national team comeback to the African Cup of Nations, a smart campaign was launched on social media by Clorox Clothes, with the main focus on the interest and habits of young married women and homemakers.

Clorox Clothes comes in style, in just 60 seconds:

Clorox Clothes launched a campaign featuring 3 influencers, aiming to build bridges with Egyptian married women and homemakers via social media, with the help of the 3 fashion experts.

The adverts feature successful fashion experts and influencers, who care about their clothes and appearance, having a conversation about situations from their everyday lives, and what type of stains they face on a daily basis, which we find out that they range from make-up stains to fruit and chocolate stains.

The campaign is all about the fashionistas’ spontaneous and natural reactions, further stressing the concept of the campaign; that women don’t need to compromise their style, for fear of stains.

The campaign idea is to showcase the fashion experts’ lifestyle, and know more about their preferences in 60 second videos.

Yes,1 minute is enough to deliver all the communication messages, proving that 60 seconds is more than enough to create an impactful story, unlike traditional long advertisements which sometimes feels like a documentary rather than an ad.

Also, you might have noticed that Clorox Clothes did not make changes in the videos to get perfect fit Instagram copies.

Clorox Clothes campaign’s modern concept:

Clorox Clothes has broken the traditional advertising clichés, not just in the execution but also by introducing a fresh concept to the laundry market.

Clorox Clothes campaign excelled at creating a relevant, fun and engaging content of for a video series in webisodes format, avoiding the repetitive idea of splitting the screen showing you how the clothes look before and after removing the stain!

Homemakers were instantly hooked on this new trendy approach, unlike the normal advertisements focusing on the brand itself and showing the overused shot of before and after the washing process, the miraculous work of the laundry additive or stain remover.

The campaign’s main focus is to create a personalized approach to target consumers, and deliver a non-traditional message by empowering women to enjoy life more, do what they love, and to live their lives worry-free because they don’t have to fear stains.

It is obvious that using laundry detergent alone is no longer an option to get rid of tough stains, homemakers need laundry additives to enhance the effectiveness of the detergent, to remove stains and boost their clothes’ colors.

What makes Clorox Clothes campaign different?

Consumers’ interests and habits are evolving and what used to work 5 years ago, won’t cut it now.

Brands should break the traditional advertisement tactics and listen to their audience; gaining valuable insights of their habits and interests, and ultimately creating relevant content to penetrate the clutter and resonate with the targeted audience.

Typical traditional advertisement is that of household products, specially, laundry detergents and laundry additives’ ads.

Most laundry detergents and additives brands haven’t evolved their advertisement tactics along with the modern homemaker, which is where Clorox Clothes has stepped up the game.

Caring for your clothes is essential because it’s more than just an outfit, it’s a fashion statement. This is a passion for many women; it’s the way they express themselves.

Therefore, featuring such strong, passionate, trendy fashion experts who won’t let the fear of stains stop them from doing what they love, is inspiring to young women, housewives and mothers. They are fearless with Clorox Clothes.

Be fearless and stay stylish.

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