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For the First Time in Egypt: Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards Hosts Robin Sharma

On 10 June 2022, the Canadian writer will kick off EEA Talks at St. Regis Cairo Hotel's Astor Grand Ballroom

Launched by the founder and CEO of ievents, Amr Mansi, in 2021—Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards (EEA) is a platform dedicated to celebrating and fostering Egypt’s rising entrepreneurs while connecting them with veteran risk-takers and experts from various industries.

Founder and CEO of ievents, Amr Mansi, speaking at EEA’s shortlisters’ event this year.

The first edition was impressive, but things are about to get even more intense this year! Robin Sharma, the internationally best-selling author and leadership expert, is coming to Egypt for the first time on June 10 thanks to the EEA’s latest initiative: EEA — Talks.

Why Launch EEA — Talks?

The EEA – Talks is an event launched by EEA this year. Aimed at combining the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt with talents from abroad and the public, it shall host a variety of experts from around the country and abroad.

Focusing on topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and achievement, these talks will revolve around knowledge-sharing and in-depth dives into diverse topics that pertain to Egypt’s entrepreneurs.

Additionally, it’s a golden opportunity for up-and-comers to get the spotlight and exhibit their product or service— and the challenges they face with it—to well-established entrepreneurs and their peers. This should be accomplished by an exhibition center for startups at these talks.

According to EEA, the talks are centered around listening, learning, and growing with the purpose of sparking actual social impact.

The plan currently is for it to take the shape of panel talks and feature keynote speakers. And to stay true to their core vision of celebrating the people of now, the talks will be open to the entirety of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt and not limited to EEA’s community alone.

Why You Should Attend Robin Sharma’s Talk

To help people and organizations around the world lead without a title.

That’s Robin Sharma’s mission statement. Renowned as one of the world’s top leadership experts, Sharma has worked towards this end for most of his career with soaring best-sellers like The 5 AM Club, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Leader Who Had No Title, and The Everyday Hero Manifesto among his most esteemed titles.  

His work has been celebrated worldwide and published in over 75 countries and in nearly 90 languages. He’s also the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc., a widely respected training firm with only one focus: helping people in organizations Lead Without a Title.

Amongst his most recognized clients are General Electric, Nike, FedEx, IBM, Starbucks, and NASA. For over 25 years, Sharma has been helping leaders reach excellence and create superb results.

Who Else is on Board?

The event will also feature the following panels with these high-profile leaders…

The Road to Global Exit: Acquisition/Exit

    1. Omar El-Sahy, General Manager at Amazon Egypt
    2. Walid Hassouna, CEO of valU
    3. Youssef Salem, CFO of SWVL

Unlocking the Journey Towards Success

    1. Ayman Baky, CEO & Founder of Baky Hospitality
    2. Yasmine Yeya, Founder of Maison Yeya 

Metaverse: A Vehicle of The Future

By Fares Akkad, Regional Director at META MENA

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