Feeling Drained During A Big Project? Here’s What You Can Do

Working on big projects causes a huge amount of stress as it is a huge responsibility. At least once or twice you felt completely drained while working on a project and you had no idea how to finish it.

First of all, you have to accept the fact that exhaustion and draining are normal. You can’t expect to be working every day and not feeling drained. We know that working on a big project and suddenly feel drained is terrifying because you lose yourself trying to find out a way to keep working.

We are here to help, here are a few steps that can help you if you ever faced a similar situation.


1- Search for The Problem’s Roots

You have to figure out why you’re feeling this way. There are 2 things that can make you feel drained, either you have been loaded with work or you are facing some personal issues.

If your personal problems are draining you then you should figure out how to solve them so they don’t affect your work.

If you’re stressed out because of work then, there are some steps that you can take to reduce the stress.

You can know more about them through this article.

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2- Form a Team

A team can help you with your project especially if you are feeling stressed. Let’s face the fact that if you’re drained, you will find it hard to work on a project by yourself. This is when your team shows up, Teamwork will give you the best result and can even reduce your stress.

You will be brainstorming together and there will be no room for mistakes since you are all focused.


3- Change Your Workspace

If you are working in an office or from home, then changing it might help. Changing the workplace can actually have a positive effect on your mental health. The possibility of changing views and have a different view instead of your office can encourage you to work.

So, instead of being in your office or home, try going to your favorite place and work.


4- Self Motivation

Sometimes you have to motivate yourself to finish a project. You can do so by looking at the results of your work and what you have accomplished in the project so far. Seeing the good results is always a motivation to keep going.

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Also, you can reward yourself when you finish the project, this is one of the effective methods. Remind yourself of the feeling of seeing your hard work and of what’s waiting for you when you finish your project.

5- Plan Your Weekend

If your project is taking more than a week, then take advantage of your weekend. You can plan to do different activities on your weekend even if you will travel. Having a couple of days off will reduce your feeling of being drained.

So start by planning your weekend and pull your social life together on those 2 days, it will make a difference.


6- Charge Your Energy

Feeling drained means you’re running out of energy and you need to recharge. You can do so, by following the previous tip or if it’s a one-week project then you can try the following. Make sure you have some alone time, either during your day or after, and remember that your day doesn’t revolve around the project, create some time for your social life.

You can’t keep working without a break; make sure that within your working hours you take a break to recharge and to rest your mind.


7- Take Some Time Off If Possible

Feeling drained requires some time off, so try to take it.

You can take a day off by assigning tasks to your team just for one day so you can rest, this is why big projects require a team. If this is not possible then, the least you can do is taking a vacation once you finish the project.

After finishing it, you will definitely need a vacation, it will help you reduce the stress and be active again.


Remember this feeling is normal, so, don’t panic. Focus on your project and embrace that this is normal and you will soon rest.

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