Feeling Demotivated? 5 Tips to Go from Demotivated to Motivated at Work

Motivation is a tricky thing, sometimes you are full of it and other times you just don’t feel it and we know how hard it is to stay motivated all the time. You could be working a job you love but you will have some days where it is hard to keep doing what you do every day!

We all go through times at work when we lose passion and motivation. With the current circumstances of facing a pandemic, it is becoming more common for people to lose motivation with the news they hear every day!

Lack of motivation will cause you a lack of creativity, especially if your work depends on it. However, there are some ways that you could try that will help you in case if you lost motivation.


1- Stay Positive

We have been stuck in a difficult situation for the past months and being exposed to bad news daily could kill motivation; this is why you have to find the balance to be able to accept the reality we’re living in and to have hope that this will pass.

You can take a break from the news to avoid any negativity, make your day revolve around work and entertainment, and try to focus on the good news. This might help lift up your spirit and be motivated again.


2- Learn New Skills

If you’re still quarantining and have free time, you can use this free time to learn new skills that can benefit you in your job. If you’re out of quarantine and started to live your life normally then you can devote some free time of your day or your weekend to learn new skills.

Having something that you look forward to learning will motivate you because you will have a reason to be better at something you love and learning something new will fresh up your mind.


3- Ask for a Feedback

After finishing a task, you can always ask for feedback, whether it is a negative or a positive one, it is always a push to do better.

It is always important to follow up after a task to figure out if you have done it perfectly or not. In case of making any mistakes then you will learn from them and if you didn’t make any, then your feedback will be encouraging. It is always recommended to ask your manager for evaluation and if you can learn new skills to improve yourself


4- Take A Break

Taking a break is always useful, this is the time where your mind disconnects for a while to power up again.

If you’re in the middle of a working day and you felt demotivated, you can take a break for a while to refresh your thoughts and get back to finish your tasks and if you’re feeling demotivated in general, you can ask your manager to take a couple of days off, so you can rearrange your thoughts, have a little time for yourself to freshen up to get back to work again.


5- Always Remind Yourself Why You’re Working

Remind yourself with the very first reason that got you into this career and this job, and what has been driving you all this time to keep your job and to do better. You can set goals for yourself of what you want to be and what you want to achieve and make them a reason for motivation.


For Winners: Think About The Impact You’re Leaving

No matter what type of job you have, you have to be sure that you’re making a difference. Think about the impact you’re leaving by doing your job especially in this time of crisis, you will find yourself either spreading awareness, helping other people, or even setting an example for those who want to have a job similar to yours.

Knowing that you have an impact on people or on your company is a huge motivation to work and do your best.


Motivation is the main key to lead a successful life but always remember that it’s ok to feel demotivated and to take time off.

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