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7 Tips to avoid stress at work

For so many reasons in our lives topped by work, we unwillingly have to experience stress. Actually it is taken for granted that whenever there is work, defiantly there is stress.  This could be for several reasons starting from the fear of being laid off, or being pressured to work at optimum levels all the time, to lack of control on your own schedule.

On the other hand, being stressed out, can be dangerous weapon that destroy your entire career. In worst cases it can lead to death. A survey conducted by the Japanese government claimed that every year in Japan hundreds of death related to overwork- from strokes, and heart attacks to suicide are reported, besides some serious health problems.

So, employee should really know how to avoid stress, and how to handle it whenever they have to. There are some tips of how to avoid stress at the first place:

1- Come on time:

First rule to avoid stress at work is to come on your time every day. Hours work are specified, it may not be enough for your work if you come late, and this may cause overloaded work which may lead to you being stressed. So, you have to be meticulous about time.

Another point, not being on hurry, and arriving at work on time will make you relaxed and ready to start your day without being stressed out. So, just wake up early enough and be in your office on time and operate at your best.

2- Make a schedule:

Being messy and clutter bring on by stress. So, always arrange a schedule. Write down the tasks you have to do today, even prioritize them. You can extend the schedule to include the tasks of your whole week. You can start with the heavy tasks or the tasks you are unpleasant to do, and the tasks you enjoy leave them at the end.

Highlight all the deadlines, it would be even better if you make your own deadlines before the real one to have extra time to revise when it is needed.

Divide big projects into small steps, and on several days so you do not get bored working at the same project all day long.

Set reminders, whether write down on colorful notes and put on your disk, or setting your phone alarm. Since sometimes we get so involved in working and forget about the other tasks we have to do, reminders are efficient way to put us back on track.

3- Avoid excessive interruptions:

Whenever you at work, you are surrounded by colleges, and friends. Sometimes you just crack some jokes around and try to have fun, and others you ask about work. It is fine to take a break every now and then for drinking coffee, eating a snack, or even laughing with some friends.

But when this wastes your time, you have to put a limit for it. Because excessive interruptions, will lead to piles of work, which will lead surely to you being stressed out about finishing that work in time, and things getting out of control.

So, it is better to manage your time; to know when you can take a break and when you do not have to take a break today at all.

4- Know your responsibility:

Identifying your responsibilities is the base of knowing what you are going to do or what you have to do. In some offices, bosses take advantage of the employees being so enthusiastic about doing the work, or their inner willing to prove themselves. As a result, they throw a lot of work and responsibilities on them, they even make them in charge of others’ duties.

So, one golden rule, before you stress, you have to precisely read your job description. Simply,  you aren’t obliged to do others’ work.

5- Restyle your desk:

Create your own cozy free of tension little zone. You owe yourself to feel relaxed when you are about to work. This why you can restyle your desk you can but whatever that makes you feel comfortable and help you reduce your stress. I mean some people like to put plants on their desk, somehow that makes them chill in and more focused. Others like to listen to songs or music, and so on. The point is: put on your desk whatever will make you feel less stressed.

6- Take a positive perspective:

Do not make mountains out of molehills. Some people stress out of nothings. Whenever things get a little bit out of control, they panic and stress out. Actually they consider the problem from a negative perspective.

Therefore, from the very very begging, try to see the problem from a positive perspective. Try to find out other options, solutions, or even alternatives before you become so nervous. You have to trust yourself and believe of your abilities.

Another way of thinking, you can consider it a challenge. A challenge brings out your best determine side, and keeps you going without catching the feeling of being hopeless or desperate. And instead of stressing over a big task, you can breathe in, think wisely, and try to figure it out to prove yourself.

7- Asking for help:

Do not ever be afraid to ask for help. Most of people get stressed when they face something they don’t know or don’t know how to do it. But it is totally fine to ask trusted co-workers to help, you can even ask your boss. You can do anything that help not to be stressed over something manageable and can be fixed.

At the end, handling stress techniques may be well-known by now, but how we avoid it from the beginning is what we should start doing. I mean why you have to worry about something when you can eliminate it or not letting it happen form the begging.

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