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Exclusive; Lipton goes monochrome for Ramadan

Tea. A global pastime but a genuine piece of culture and life in Egypt. Tea has been a part of each Egyptian’s life since childhood, it’s a piece of our contemporary history, and Lipton tea has always been a part of it.

Lipton has been the number 1 tea brand, and has been in the market selling tea for over 120 years. Its classic yellow boxes can be found all around the globe, and in every Egyptian home. With tea being such an integral part of our lives, Lipton has always had power to influence a large majority of the country due to its forever-near presence.

Monochrome for whom?

Rumors have started to circulate that this year campaign by Lipton will involve black and white packaging.

The monochromatic look (black and white) could mean many things, but is definitely an unusual choice in the time of Ramadan in which most streets are decked with colorful decorations and lanterns.

Lipton goes monochrome
Lipton goes monochrome

Possible reasons for going monochrome could be a sign of respect, or a transformation tool from tough times to better ones. As this color change will most likely be only available during the Ramadan period, it can be assumed that the packaging change will focus on some part of the Ramadan emotional factors we have come to expect in Ramadan campaigns.

It is clear that Lipton is hoping to create an impact on store shelves with its new black and white packaging for Ramadan. Color is the most exciting and noticeable element about product packaging, and Lipton’s bright and vibrantly colored boxes are well associated with the brand. By removing the color, the brand will be making a strong statement.

Most product packaging contains some kind of strong color and contrast to ensure visibility and for consumers to separate the brand from others when shopping. By taking color out of the equation, Lipton will become even more noticeable in a sea of long colorful shelves. So far, we’ve found the pack in Carrefour, Hyper 1 & Fathallah.

Continued dedication to goodness

This year’s campaign is a surprise to many as the beverage giant has been well-known to work with the Kamal Karamak initiative, one focused on educating the masses and spreading awareness on food wastage and donating leftovers to the needy during Ramadan.

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Lipton has been working with them ever since the initiative started in 2014, and has been a very supportive member. Other sponsors include Knorr and Egypt’s food bank.

Although part Unilever, Lipton seems to have changed direction and is creating its own campaign this year. The brand is definitely boldly moving forward to create a new Ramadan tradition, the question is how impactful will it be?

Let us know your speculations in the comments below.

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