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For the 3rd year in a row: Kamel Karamak campaign connects the true spirit of Ramadan

During Ramadan, brands in MENA face a constant challenge of staying close to their consumers by understanding the importance of Ramadan in an average Egyptian’s life and link is to brand’s marketing efforts.

According to studies, during Ramadan 60% of food is being wasted while 3.5M Egyptians suffer from hunger. While the true spirit of Ramadan is about being generous, “Kamel Karamak” (“Complete Your Generosity”) national initiative created back in 2104 by two of Unilever’s leading brands: Lipton Tea, Knorr Fine Foods aims to raise awareness about food disposal and also plans to create a food donation campaign that can cater to 3.5M people during the holy month.

The campaign launched in cooperation with the Egyptian Food Bank and also supported by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade also on-ground and online partnerships with key hyper markets the campaign grew legs and picked up a momentum all of its own.

Throwback: Kamel Karamak campaign | Ramadan 2014

Kamel Karamak initiative launched in Ramadan 2014 when Unilever asked consumers to extend their usual Ramadan generosity to avoid food waste by using Knorr products and recycling unused products by donating it to the needy.

Unilever Egypt launched Kamel Karamak TVC campaign for “charity” sponsored by Knorr Arabia, Lipton Egypt, And Food Bank in Ramadan 2014 in Egypt.

Kamel Karamak campaign for Ramadan 2014 delivered outstanding results, primarily by resonating with Egyptians through a celebration of the true spirit of Ramadan, and also by creating a well-thought out strategic vision.

Knorr grew from the period of May – July by 38.9% in 2014 vs. same period in 2013 from a business perspective.

Kamel Karamak Campaign Donated 0.5 Tons of food via the Egyptian Food Bank. One of the biggest achievements of the campaign was 62K consumer interactions during the Learn-Cook-Donate activation.

Throwback: Kamel Karamak campaign | Ramadan 2015

To support Unilever’s Kamel Karamak Ramadan campaign where the aim was to feed 2,500,000 fasting Egyptians based on cosumers contribution through purchases. Counter gates developed at key hyper markets where every purchase of a Lipton or Knoor pack was automatically counted and displayed on the counter accross Egypt, displaying how many meals we have reached.


Kamel Karamak campaign | Ramadan 2016

From 1.5M in 2014 to 2.5M in 2015 and now 3.5 M targeted during Ramadan 2016, The campaign was a major success for Unilever’s initiative during Ramadan 2014 and 2015 and still continued.

For the 3rd year in a row “Kamel Karamak” Campaign continue to educate consumers about food wastage and inspire change gaining more partners to spread the message including Uber Egypt and Cairo Runners that believe in giving back to the community and together we can lend a hand.

Uber made giving back was easy as taking a trip by integrating Kamel Karamak Campaign into your daily schedule and you didn’t have to worry about going the extra mile.

Also as part of Cairo Runners commitment to giving back, Cairo Runners joined joined forces with Lipton and Knorr as part of their ‘Kamel Karamak’ initiative to help spread awareness about food waste issues in Egypt.

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