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Etisalat Misr advert featuring Essam El Hadary, All English all the time!

Essam El Hadary or as Egyptians call him El Sad El-3ali (The High Dam) is regarded as one of the best African goalkeepers of all time.

Egypt’s legendary goalkeeper keeps going, chasing his dreams, no matter what, aims to become oldest World Cup player in history.

Essam El Hadary AKA “The legend” and “The High Dam” personal brand has outshone nearing, during and even after the AFCON 2017. As the oldest goalkeeper in the AFCON ever, he is an idol to all Egyptians.

Why Essam El Hadary is making fun of himself in Etisalat Ad?

Creating a strong personal brand establishes you as a thought leader, making people look up to you and respect your opinions.

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El Hadary became an example and a role model, teaching us some great lessons about success during his trip to Gabon. Which makes us wonder about Etisalat Misr latest advert featuring Essam El Hadary, is it a sell-out or an innocent joke?

Conveying that even those who’re not digital savvy, are also, living on social media, Etisalat Misr released a new advert promoting their newest, super connect internet bundle. Featuring the 44-years old Egyptian national football team goalkeeper and the best African goalkeeper.

Essam El-Hadary saves a penalty for Egypt during the shootout against Burkina Faso | 2017 Africa Cup of Nations
Essam El-Hadary saves a penalty for Egypt during the shootout against Burkina Faso | 2017 Africa Cup of Nations

The casting choice of Essam El Hadary is a brilliant move as Egyptians adore and admire him, even some would keep loving him in spite of what he says or does.

However, when an advert is built around Essam El Hadary’s not strongest suit which is the English language. Essam El Hadary decided to make fun of himself.

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Etisalat Misr presented a humorous approach by the explanation of Essam El Hadary what social media means to him in an almost incoherent pronunciation of unnecessary English, like his favorite brand “Pink Floyd” and other social media terms.

The killer sentence was “Together we stand, divided we fall.” which we are not sure if he was reciting Pink Floyd’s “Hey you” lyrics or he just didn’t know how to pronounce the famous quote by the famous ancient Greek storyteller Aesop “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Which was met with a wave of contempt as it is a bad image of the Legend and brand ruiner of the status he reached.

Essam El Hadary’s weak English was not even the worst thing:

Etisalat Misr advert had a much more sadder aspect which is the voice over (VO).

It seems that Etisalat spent all their budget on casting Essam El Hadary, that they had to go with a sleepy, bad VO artist.

Is Spontaneity What People Want on Social?

It used to be that marketing was segmented into two categories; business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C).

In 2013, advertising agency, Hill Holliday, and brand strategy consulting firm, Lippincott, released the “Welcome to the Human Era” report, which evaluates brands and separates those that are Human Era brands as opposed to Industrial Era.

Spontaneity is clearly important for social media from an audience point-of-view. Essam El Hadary used the advert to creatively sparks an emotional connection with his followers on Twitter.

Because we usually tend to find something good, once again, after his famous response to Spain goalkeeper “Iker Casillas” tweet, El Hadary shows us how to be more spontaneous on social media…

Lessons Learned from Etisalat Misr advert:

– Keep treating yourself as a brand and hold yourself to high standards, money will come and go, but your brand’s image will most surely get ruined when you choose what doesn’t add to your greatness and value.

– Execute your ideas in a smart way, that perfectly suit your brand. When the concept is relevant, execution should deliver the message and not overshadow it.

– When you spend this kind of budget, then it is expected that the all aspects of the advert is of high level.

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