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Omar Samra & Omar Nour take on world’s toughest row with DHL Egypt

The Ocean. Filled with wonderous unseen spectacles, yet home to some of the deadliest things on Earth such as Great White Sharks and lethal Hurricanes. Until now, humans have yet to have fully discovered its hidden treasures, or even completely travel all of its hidden spots.

This December, a two-man Egyptian group is aiming to survive the grueling journey across just one of the world’s oceans, all while competing for first place in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Throwback ➤ Omar Samra; The first Egyptian to ski to the Geographic South Pole

Famed Egyptian explorer and future astronaut Omar Samra, and Egypt’s first ever professional triathlete Omar Nour, will be taking the reins as Egypt’s first ever entries in the challenge, as well as the Arab region’s.

The pair is set to be the first ever Egyptian and Arab team to complete what is known as the “World’s Toughest Row.”

O2 Prepares for World's Toughest Row

Finally the wait is over 🙂 I'm so excited to share my next challenge with you! On the 12th of December 2017, Omar Nour and I will be attempting the unthinkable… to row across the Atlantic Ocean unsupported for 5000Km enduring 50 foot waves, crazy storms, sleep deprivation and extreme isolation!! Follow our journey here.#TeamO2 #AtlanticChallenge #WorldsToughestRow

Posted by Omar Samra on Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The duo will be learning the real effects of team work, achieving under all circumstances, and breaking records during the challenge, all of which are also a part of DHL’s identity.

“Teamwork is key for DHL’s business growth. As we are stronger together than apart, we work together to overcome all challenges and to achieve one goal which is delivering our customers’ shipments across the world in the safest and fastest way.” states Ahmed Elfangary, DHL EXPRESS Egypt’s Country Manager.

Dubbed “Team O2,” both Omars will be roughing it at sea. With the inability to ask for help on issues such food rations and even for repairs, as well as battling sleep depravation and exhaustion, team members have to rely on each other to make it through.

Thank you DHL

Thank you DHL for being a solid and committed partner in our upcoming rowing adventure across the Atlantic Ocean. Your continuous support has made it possible for us to reach the start line in a few days, and represent Egypt and the Arab world in one of the world’s toughest rowing challenges. Omar Nour and myself #TeamO2 look forward to making you proud. .لرعايتكم لمغامرتنا اللي جاية عبر المحيط الآطلسي DHL شكرادعمكم المتواصل ساعدنا للوصول لخط البداية وتمثيل مصر و العالم العربي في واحدة من أصعب مغامرات التجديف في العالم #RowingTheUnkown #TeamO2 #DHL #TWAC2017 #mountains2oceans #AtlanticChallenge

Posted by Omar Samra on Monday, November 27, 2017

“Taking on the world’s toughest row across the Atlantic Ocean is an enormous challenge for both of us and a real opportunity for us to test our mental and physical limits and to grow.

Nothing worth achieving is easy, and through taking on this challenge we hope to inspire people – not necessarily to row an ocean but to believe that anything can be done through passion, perseverance and hard work.

If two people who a year ago had almost never rowed in their entire life can cross an ocean, then anyone can achieve whatever they set their minds to.” Stated Omar Samra.

Throughout the year, the duo has completed 300+ training hours on their boat in preparation for their Atlantic crossing in December.

DHL Egypt, the leading global brand in logistics, has supported Team O2 through its belief in accepting challenges, as well as to inspire other industry leading companies to take initiative in supporting Egyptian athletes.

“When we’re out in the middle of the Atlantic, we only have each other to rely on – but we’re determined, resourceful and ready to push the limits of our potential.

To have a partner like DHL, who believes in the same values that we do – team work, dedication and commitment -makes all the difference to our campaign.” Omar Nour added.

“DHL are the perfect fit to our mission and we are beyond excited to have them as Team O2’s presenting and logistics partner – we truly couldn’t complete the world’s toughest row without them.”

The company also aims to highlight more Egyptian sport athletes internationally through more potential partnerships in other sport categories.

Don’t forget to support our Egyptian team during the race, race starts December 12th

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