Omar Samra; The first Egyptian to ski to the Geographic South Pole

Omar Samra, 36, who announced the achievement on Facebook, said that he raised the Egyptian flag at the Geographic South Pole at 5:50PM Egyptian time. To be Egypt’s first and foremost adventurer successfully completed his mission to the South Pole.

Along with a team of eleven other adventurers who hail from Germany, Russia and India, Samra started his trek from the 89th degree. Every day the team would ski between seven to nine hours, and cross roughly a distance of 14km to 16km, depending on weather conditions. Omar Samra had crossed 111km in Antarctica to reach the South Pole, one of coldest, windiest and driest places on earth.

Back in 2007, Omar Samra became The First Egyptian (and Arab) to ever scale Mount Everest, while in 2013 he completed the 7 Summits Challenge, climbing the highest peaks on all continents. His latest achievement marks one step closer for Samra achieving the accolade of “Adventurer Grand Slam” which less than 40 people in history have ever achieved.

News of the achievement came late as the result of bad weather conditions, which have left Samra stranded in Antarctica until weather conditions permit him to fly out to Chile and then to Egypt.

Samra became the first Egyptian to climb the highest mountains on all seven continents in May 2013. Samra also won a competition in 2013, becoming the first Egyptian set to be sent to space as an astronaut.

Featured image: Omar Samra on top of Everst

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