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How devoted is Cook Door in keeping consumers delighted?

For most brands and marketers, social media is an important and necessary component of their overall digital marketing strategy. Not only does social media help build brand awareness, but it also provides a conversational space for brands to engage their audience and grow meaningful personalized connections.

Every brand reaction on digital media can bring a crisis or a bless for the brand reputation.

Spontaneous request turns into a reward!

For Cook Door, an innocent Facebook post posted by Malak Boghdady was quickly replied then gave into her request.

يا جدعان في رجل محترم جداً اسمه احمد حسن من Team الmarketing بتاع cook door كلمني دلوقتي و قال لي انهم لما عرفوا من…

Posted by Malak Boghdady on Friday, June 30, 2017


Craving a Shish Tawook sandwich from Cook Door, she posted her desire on Facebook. Cook Door’s monitoring team quickly responded to her request and sent her the desired sandwich for free.

Cook Door Secret Souse for Social Media

Allot of books are talking about developing a brand voice and marketing strategy that brings a human element and some personality to your social media channels.

But how a marketer would humanize the brand voice on Social Media?

This means it’s time to lose the jargon or sales pitch, and talk to people on their level. In addition, take thoughtful moves and be timely in your responses to keep the conversation going and to show your audience your true brand essence.

After hearing what happened, Malak’s friends starting posting that they wanted sandwiches as well. Cook Door responded by delivering more free sandwiches.

Soon the original post and further posts became viral, and traffic to the fast food chain’s Facebook page skyrocketed as people jumped in to receive free meals. In order to keep up with demand and be more cost-effective, Cook Door created 100EGP vouchers and sent them through messages.

ياللهوي 😍😂Cook Door طلعوا بجد مش بيهزروا لما قالولي الأوردر بتاعك بيتجهز 😂😂😂كلمني شخص محترم و لذيذ اسمه احمد حسن من…

Posted by Biko B. Ibrahim on Saturday, July 1, 2017

امبارح عملت شير لبوست Nurhan Ibrahim وكومنت أنى عايزه سوبر كرانشى ، النهارده كوك دوور بعتولى سوبر كرانشى البيت كومبو…

Posted by Karishma Nasr on Saturday, July 1, 2017

Someone from cook door called me and told me that they are delivering me a meal right to my door step!so i opened my…

Posted by Karim Ahmed Petsadsis on Saturday, July 1, 2017

كوك دوور احن عليا من مصر و الصحاب شكرا كوك دوور 😄

Posted by Nour Hamed on Sunday, July 2, 2017

اتعب هتلاقي!قصة شاب زي اي شاب مصري تاني كان يائس من ظروف البلد والشغل وكل حاجة بس مسكتش، قرر انه يتحدى الظروف ويطور من…

Posted by Karim Mohamed on Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cook Door’s new systematic approach was a smart move as the virality of the event continued to rise, as more and more people ran to their page with requests.

Cook Door’s quick response and attentiveness is worthy of high praise

Providing your audience with a mix of quality content is key for raising your likeability factor and showing your value but engaging your audiences opens the door for developing loyal customers.

Cook Door’s quick and genuine response led to a new increased interest in the brand just by sharing one simple act of care.

Whether by quick reaction or thoughtful planning, the franchise was able to create a strong buzz that escalated into a large increase in digital reach. It also shows one of the most powerful attributes of social media, how one thing can be shared over and over again until it explodes into viral proportions.

Was it the right thing to do from a business and/or marketing standpoint? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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