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Cristiano Ronaldo visits Egypt via Green Screen

On Drama has been teasing us for the longest time about Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, adding photos of him on billboards along the 6th of October bridge. Last night, steel manufacturer Egypt Steel released their first Ramadan advert featuring the Portuguese professional Footballer.

With a lot of anticipation as to what Ronaldo would do when in Egypt, many expectations fell short as the ad finally made its way online.

The ad features Ronaldo enjoying a visit through Egypt; riding a horse through the desert with the Pyramids in the back drop, enjoying a ride on the Nile, randomly picking up babies at a hospital, and playing Football with kids on the street. Or did he?



As viewers excitedly watch the ad, many started to become confused. Those with good eyes could easily catch that there was something wrong going on with the video.


Enough money for a celebrity, but not enough for travel fees?

Although the video starts off with some classic visionary, the realization comes as soon as we see Ronaldo sitting on the boat.

The confused face he gives, along with the strange feeling of him being photoshopped in, gave the secret up. It becomes even more clear through the video that the team behind the ad was either unable to fly the Footballer to Egypt in time for shooting, or was unable to due to financial issues.

Cristiano is well lit in shoots with different colored lighting, the background or Ronaldo himself being blurry in some shots. All of this aim at a green screen and some cinema special effects and techniques. It seems like Egyptian Steel had the budget for the legendary player, but not enough to get him to actually come to Egypt for filming.


Social Media Fail

Egypt Steel might be a gigantic steel manufacturer in Egypt and they are willing to pay for such a top-line celebrity to be in their ad, unfortunately they were unwilling to spend money on other things that matter.

Since its reveal last night, famous Footballer Ronaldo posted the video on his Facebook. The video has since gained over 2.2 million within 15 hours, as well as over 231k reactions and over 31.9k shares. The comments are filled with love and support for the Footballer and his charitable nature.

Egypt Steel on the other hand has been having a difficult time dealing with their social media management.

Their video, which was shared from Cristiano Ronaldo’s Facebook rather than posting it themselves, was posted three times. Right after Ronaldo (16 hours ago at this time), then another time (13 hours) and finally a last post (2 hours).

The videos gained an accumulative of over 2.3 million views and 1.6k reactions so far.

The failure comes in two parts. One, the video was not posted by the company but was instead shared from the Superstar’s own Facebook page. Two, the post was re-shared three times.

The company seems eager to jump into a large and hopefully successful campaign by joining hands with one of the world’s biggest celebrities. Unfortunately, they seem unwilling to go the full mile by hiring better social media managers and content creators to ensure the ad keeps a strong presence online.

Do you believe they’ll do well with their campaign using their current tactics? Let us know in the comments below.

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