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What does Coca-Cola and Pepsi have in common for Ramadan 2016?

While every Ramadan we used to create a review titled Coke Vs. Pepsi, We never asked ourselves: What does Coca-Cola and Pepsi have in common? It seems like both brands got much more than soda to share!

After two weeks of anticipation, Coke and Pepsi finally released their ads for Ramadan 2016. Both brands launched Ramadan 2016 advertisement campaigns dated 13-June which marks the 8th day of the holy month.

For this year Ramadan campaigns we think no one wins the Coke vs. Pepsi traditional fight for Ramadan and temporary ends what we used to call it Ramadan Classico!

Ramadan has for a few years become the main peak of CSR campaigns for most of Egyptian brands. During the holy month, the new face of classic Coke Vs. Pepsi competition for Ramadan 2016 becomes: which brand will offer more charity projects for the Egyptian society?

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On a separate note, this might put Vodafone Egypt in embarrassing situation as Vodafone’s “Big Family” campaign launched for Ramadan 2016 get some complaint for the lack of restraint in spending money and overspend of resources to create a mega campaign staring 11 super stars.

Coke Campaign for Ramadan 2016

During Coca-Cola Ramadan 2015 campaign, The soft drink giant made big surprise by announcing that Ramadan campaign will be promoted on Social Media without airing on TV. Coca-Cola promised that it will direct the cost of advertising for charity projects to develop 100 Egyptian villages.

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This year Coke decided to capitalize on last year’s promise and show case the result of Ramadan 2015 campaign results. Coke launched its campaign supported by a hashtag [#خلي_الوعد_حقيقة] translated as [Turn Promise into Reality].

This hashtag [#خلي_الوعد_حقيقة/ Turn Promise into Reality] would be considered as a humble response for harsh criticism raised about the credibility of Coke campaign for Ramadan 2015 and asking for an evidence to emphasize Coca-Cola’s good intentions to invest it’s last year advertising budget into CSR activities.

Pepsi Campaign for Ramadan 2016

This year, Pepsi takes a new approach after the repeated nostalgia theme for 3 successive years. Pepsi show innovation in re-cycling plastic bottles and make it increasingly sustainable, minimizing it’s impact on the environment.

Pepsi feature its bottle journey using plastic soft drink bottles to install simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly bottle lights to light homes and streets in impoverished communities across Egypt.

Check out the new ad below:

Let me know your thoughts about Coca-Cola and Pepsi campaigns and share your voice about what does Coca-Cola and Pepsi have in common for Ramadan 2016?

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