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Coca Cola Ramadan 2015: Digital overtakes offline media

In a pre-announcement for the long awaited Coca-Cola Ramadan 2015 campaign, The soft drinks giant made big surprise by announcing that Ramadan campaign will be promoted on Social Media without airing on TV.

If we took a deeper look on the decision you will love how Coke reacts to the current economic situation in Egypt and change the spending channel to push CSR program willing to develop 100 Egyptian village. But this is not the full story for marketers, We have 2 major points here:

Social Media Intelligence:

Coca Cola already adopted an idea published by fans on Facebook to shift the marketing budget investments from spending in advertisements to spend into country development and guess what? Coca Cola responded in action.

Fan Comment on Coca Cola page and Coca Cola respond back
Fan Comment on Coca Cola page and Coca Cola respond back

It exactly how Socially Engaged brands do and this is exactly the role of Social Media for businesses. Brands should listen, analyze and take actions based on customers feedback from Social Channels. This time Coca Cola was blessed with a brilliant idea that beat all the marketing researches they did for Ramadan campaign.

Bye Bye TV ?

Its obvious Coca Cola showed a pretty face with a good heart for Ramadan 2015 but between the lines we should notice the first move for an Egyptian brand [and most probably in the Middle East] to direct 100% of Ramadan advertising spending to digital channel and leave the race on TV commercial spots for others.

We should also mention that Mini-Cooper Egypt, Chiclets Egypt and Axe Egypt have launched campaigns exclusively on digital channels with zero spending on TV.

This is how leading brands would react as we see Coca Cola making history with intelligent, noble and amazing reaction to Social Media fans.

Also you would like to watch Coca Cola Ramadan campaign [ ‫#‏ثانية_تفرق‬] bases on the assumption that people tend to judge others by their appearance, without taking time to really know them, andoften forming a wrong impression.


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