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Vodafone’s “Big Family” just hit a new Ramadan RECORD!

Vodafone Ramadan campaign created this year inspired by the famous El Leila El Kebira (The Grand Night) classic Egyptian puppet operetta from the 1960’s. Vodafone Egypt made a real grand night by hitting 1,002,075 views on Facebook video in just 5 hrs.

The Big Family advert for Ramadan 2016 describes the celebration of Ramadan through the displaying of the activities done by 11 super stars including Ahmed El Sakka, Sherif Monier, Menna Shalaby, Hakim, Dorra, Ashraf Abdelbaky, Samir Ghanem, Mahmoud El Esseily, Sherine Abdel Wahab and surprising appearance of Laila Elwy and Esaad Younis.

The Big Family Theme is meant to encourage audience to expand the family concept to include friends and neighbors.


Vodafone Ramadan Consistency Noted

In extension to Ramadan 2015 theme that capitalized on spiritual atmosphere in the holy month, Vodafone keep pushing on keeping the family together during these blessed days.

Vodafone advert for Ramadan 2015 was one of the most popular advertisement gathering some of the biggest names in the Egyptian acting and celebrity world for a cutesy song clip filled with different scenes and locations. The song is all about the importance and power of family getting together in the holy month.

The first version of “Family Theme” made a strong success even if it needed 3 days to hit 1M views on YouTube with [13799 views/hr] viewership rate in the first 3 days during Ramadan 2015.

It was such a big hit to seek, collect and convince this group of super stars to feature the family concept according to Vodafone Ramadan 2015 theme. yet the buzz word “Zaman El Sha2awa” still going viral on digital media in Egypt and Middle East.


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