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Coca-Cola launches a Ramadanized version for “Taste the Moment” campaign

Marking a significant shift in its marketing approach, Coca-Cola changed its marketing strategy from ‘Open Happiness’ to ‘Taste the Feeling’ announced last January. For the first time, all Coke Trademark brands united in one global creative campaign: “Taste the Feeling.”

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Coca Cola Campaign for Ramadan 2015

In a major strategic shift, Coca Cola changed Ramadan 2015 game when deiced to let digital media overtakes offline media for communicating the brand message. Last Ramadan announced it’s strategic step by investing the TV commercial budget to push CSR program willing to develop 100 Egyptian village.

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For Ramadan 2015,  Coca-Cola campaign [ ‫#‏ثانية_تفرق‬] concept bases on the assumption that people tend to judge others by their appearance, without taking time to really know them, andoften forming a wrong impression. The concept campaign based on studies that show that prejudice is usually formed in the first seven seconds of meeting someone based on appearance, nationality or culture.

Coca Cola Campaign for Ramadan 2016

For Ramadan 2016, Coke launched [#خلي_الوعد_حقيقة] campaign translated as [Turn Promise into Reality] to capitalize on last year’s promise and show case working in the background for months to take a pride of Ramadan 2015 campaign results.

Before leaving Ramadan, Coca-Cola come with a  Ramadanized version for “Taste the Feeling” campaign that activated in Egypt titled “Taste the Moment”…. Take a look at all of the adverts below!

On a separate note, Coca-Cola Middle East promoted a world without labels during the holy month of Ramadan by abandoning its own. A limited-edition run of red Coca-Cola cans features the brand’s white dynamic ribbon, but not its signature scripted logo. The backs of the cans include the anti-prejudice, pro-tolerance message: “Labels are for cans, not people.”

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